Merry Christmas!

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Wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and enjoy it with some family and loved ones. Make it something special this year.

As for me I'm currently visiting family and writing this up while the little one takes a nap. It's times like these I remember why I work 12+ hour days but love what I do and how it makes it so worth it. I hope many of you have come to that realization as well and are at least working towards that.

The dawn of the internet was what sparked huge new opportunity and still does. However I feel like a shift has taken place and while the internet has died down a bit new opportunity is coming from it in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Take that with you into 2021 as you continue to build and work on your own goals for what you want to acomplish.

It will still be a few more days till I get home however all the while I am planning and ready to hit the ground running.

I laid out some of my plans in earlier posts but once I return home and have a little more time on my hands to researching I'll be digging into DeFi but more importantly Dividend stocks AND earning passive income with HIVE!

If you have ideas yourself about earning passive income with HIVE please comment them below so I can do some research and post up about them. It will be a whole new series that will help draw new people into LEO and HIVE itself to earn passive income. Something I know many people search for and want to come true.

Currently my list includes Games dcity splinterlands

Passive Incomes Tokens SPI and LBI Buying Miners for long term passive income Staking for some community coins and Hive

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