Passive Income With NFT Games (Hive Blockchain)

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Passive Income With NFT Games (Hive Blockchain)

As many of you know I am a huge fan of passive income. Don't mistake passive income as a set and forget thing it does require some work, funds or watching it. It's passive in that it generates for you even when you're not around so you're not trading hours for dollars anymore.

Since I'm a huge fan of passive income I figured what a great topic to write about but to center it more around the Hive Blockchain and apps that run on it.

This article will focus in on NFT gaming within the Hive blockchain and how to earn crypto passively. It will only focus on passive and not active so those wishing to invest and not really play the games this would be for you.

Please note this article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advise.

Game #1 Splinterlands

Of course we had to start with the largest NFT game on Hive which is Splinterlands. This game has shot up to the top rankings but I feel one thing holding it back right now is the lack of cards or packs to buy. This seems to be causing a bit of a diminishing effect on the game so my hopes are packs will be releasing sooner than later.

*SPS (Splintershards)

SPS is the governance token of Splinterlands and you don't even have to play the game in order to start earning them. A simple investment today yield you new SPS minted for years to come.

SPS can be bought or earned in game and then staked to earn a APR (currently at: 129%) every 3 seconds you'll be earning staking rewards on your SPS. Staked SPS also gives you access to over aspects of the game such as buying new packs early and more to come. From an investment stand point getting packs early and holding them could possibly prove to be a good investment strat.


Rental System

You're going to get first hand access to new packs by holding enough SPS being staked what that means is you can buy packs before others who do not and by doing so you might be able to rent out the cards and fetch a decent passive income from it. The rental system works on the in game currency called DEC and the rental system already produces well over $30,000 daily.

On top of this if your cards don't rent out they will be including in the current airdrop. The more DEC value the cards "burn" is the more points that count towards the airdrop. This airdrop currently is in day 43 of 365 total.

Game #2 DCity

Dcity might be the most passive game ever. While it will take some setup time and investment at first this platform really is gamified DeFi which you will earn various tokens on the hive block chain.

Simply buy NFT cards which grow your city and set it up in a way that's profitable. Each day you'll earn tokens such as sim, other tribes and it even now has a diesel swap pool where you can stake SIM and Hive and earn passive rewards from that.

This game also continues to evolve and be updated primarily in a way to offer more rewards in a staking/passive type manner for investing. I've also heard some rumors recently of a possible airdrop to come with it but no real details yet.

Other Games

There are many games on Hive and most likely many more soon to come. However I haven't found passive income through them as I have with the two above so they are not included in this article.

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