Playing The Long Game With LeoFinance

11 days ago
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Leo token took a little slow down/hit today and that's ok! You see the issue with most people is the play the short game instead of the long game. It's natural for humans to think this way it's why so many people don't have savings for retirement or have any real long term goals. They are always playing the short game.

How do you know if you're playing the short game?

If you currently have a job take a look at your pay stub.
Are you contributing and matching your 401k if your employer provides on?
Are you saving/investing a portion of your paycheck?
Are you saving/investing 30% or more of your paycheck?

If you answered YES to any of these then you are playing the long game. In terms of vested you are into it goes by the questions above.
If you said yes to the first you most likely wont be able to retire any time soon and wont have enough stored up. It's the sad truth in the world we live in today. If you said yes to two or all three of them you are on the right track!

The thing with investing and successful investing is to play the long game. Watch the markets and when you see a dip from a company that really shouldn't be dipping well dang buy the heck out of it and hold on to it.


In just a few short weeks LEO has nearly doubled in price. While we don't know the full details yet do we know this platform is currently building to scale with a possible air drop at some point and I'm sure many more things to come.

If you believe in the platform and see their track record so far of getting things done and making moves in the crypto space that I would honestly encourage you to pick up as much as possible.

One of the other big moves I made when LEO first came out which is another LONG investment play was buying up the Miners I could at the time. At the moment I currently hold 253 LEOMM double M's those are mega miners. They mine at 4x the pace of a LEOM a leominer.

These 253 miners are valued at nearly $3,000 now and I believe at the time I paid a very small fraction of that. If you believe in the steady pace long game of LEO then LEOMM or LEOM could be good investments for you. Think of it as passive income over time. You can find these two miners of LEO on the HIVE-Engine Exchange.

Goal by end of year is to hit 50,000 LEO tokens powered up. However with all my goals I aim to hit them sooner than later. Even though this is a year end goal I seriously challenge myself in trying to hit is as quickly as possible in the year. This is one way I stay motived and can avoid excessive planning out. I know how much LEO I need to make each day to hit that goal and simply check at the end of the day. If it's less I know I need to seriously get my butt in gear. If it's more that putting me on the fast track.

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