The Daily LEO #350 Private Credit Investing, China's Real Aim and 5 AI Trends for 2023

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Powell could still hammer U.S. stocks on Wednesday even if the Fed doesn’t hike interest rates

The past six weeks have left investors with more questions than answers about the outlook for U.S. monetary policy and, by extension, financial markets.

And although the Federal Reserve is expected to leave its policy interest rates on hold Wednesday, Chairman Jerome Powell could still rattle markets as he’s probed for clues about the central bank’s thinking.

Powell’s statement is expected to...


Investors Keep Putting Money Into Private Credit

Big banks are worried that more lending might migrate away from them in the coming years. Investors big and small are taking notice.

real more on private credit...


China's Real Aim In Move Against iPhones: Sending a Message In recent weeks, reports seemed to confirm China barred employees at government agencies and state-owned enterprises from using iPhones or other foreign-branded devices at work. The news sent Apple (AAPL) stock to a one-month low.

This past week the country denied implementing the ban, but it has increasingly attempted to reduce the country's reliance on foreign technology.

Similarly, the U.S. government in 2019, citing national security...



5 AI trends to look forward to in 2023 and beyond

The artificial intelligence (AI) market has been growing at an exponential pace over the last couple of years, thanks in large part to consumer-ready products such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and IBM Watson that are now being used commonly across the globe.

To this point, global management consulting firm McKinsey believes that anywhere between 50% and 60% of all organizations today are...


Tether Co-Founder Sizes Up PayPal’s Stablecoin Ambitions

William Quigley, one of the co-founders of Tether, said that while he believes privately issued stablecoins are “a benefit to society in every respect,” the recent arrival of PayPal’s PYUSD token is unlikely to bring much innovation. “I don’t think much innovation will come from PayPal,” Quigley said in an interview with CoinDesk. “I think PayPal will see...


Ethereum’s Daily Active Addresses Crosses 1 Million, Overtaking Bitcoin

The latest data from Artemis Terminal shows a surprising change in the world of cryptocurrencies. On Sept. 13, Ethereum had more daily active addresses than Bitcoin (BTC) and BNB chain. More specifically, Ethereum saw 1.03 million daily active addresses compared to Bitcoin’s 743,800 addresses and the BNB chain’s 1.02 addresses.

However, the metric returned to its original levels after the sudden spike.


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