RE: Hive a place for young athletes to promote themselves and monetize their careers

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Eh sure I guess but it's a exit point of hive and doesn't bring value to hive really. That's one of the huge issues with hive right now. People come here looking for donations and hand outs and hive has ZERO revenue coming in besides people investing in the token. If you're going to go down that road which hive has for a long time you need at least ad revenue to back up the general support value of the token. The money HAS to come from somewhere.

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For hive to prosper, I believe we should try to bring as many people as possible to it. I also started with the idea to earn some bucks from my content and I only later discovered the true potential of it. The more people are on Hive, the bigger the network effect and the bigger the chances to attract outside money.


Ideally, there would also be a recruitment of donors/patrons - people who buy into the system specifically to support athletes.

There is also the opportunity to turn the athletes stats/pictures into NFT type digital “baseball cards” which would bring on a whole new economy.

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