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Wax focused in on a market that was starting to naturally find itself and that was NFTs and Gaming. Instead of trying to alter it and charge direction it adopted it and now when you think gaming pretty much wax comes to mind first. These others on Ethereum etc are so expensive, gas heavy and down right I find annoying and I tend to want to stay away from myself exclude many people.

Wax also has awesome marketplaces and UIs that make it easy to understand, use and grow both as a player and as a developer.

As for WAXP and Ethereum I haven't messed with that at all yet and have only stuck to staking some of the wax itself and voted from there to earn a decent APR on WAX.

Wax to me is much like how hive works however wax has a ton more UIs in place and a massive amount more development happening. Which makes me think if Hive buckled down and started building some of these front end things it would explode in value.

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Yeah Hive could be in the same place given the right devs and projects.

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WAX's system of staking for network resources is key for games.

Heck, it's key for anything normal people want to do.

You will never gain mass adoption by charging people fees every time they make a click and transact on the network.

No matter how cheap they are, you'll never break the psych barrier of being charged fees.

WAX gets this.

As for the comparison with Hive, I'm as frustrated as you.

Hive's system of simply staking HIVE for RCs is a MUCHHHHHHHHHH simpler system than WAX's CPU, NET and RAM.

Yet WAX is miles ahead all due to marketing, development and partnerships.

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