RE: #MyHiveGoals - Big Picture Thinking!

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That's a ton of worker bees! Out here crushing it! My LEO seemed to slow down a good amount as well and I'm a bit unsure why on that front. However I've been kicking in some new goals lately such as OneUp that you're focused on as well and of course ListNerds is paying out pretty freakin sweet! Keep crushing it I have a good feeling you'll be hitting all of these goals this summer and not end of year.

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One of the better decisions I made last year, diving into workerbee. But I'm nothing compared to Blain's stash LOL


You could most likely run a thousand other tokens if you wanted lol


Dude that's why I salute you...I have trouble figuring out like 5 projects on here lol You are deep into other blockchains and projects and understand them.

I'm just sitting here with my Hive bags lol


It's a challenge and it's only getting harder!! I aped in on a few new games like MuTerra FOMO be real plus I want to support hive projects