RE: Maybe the Retail Folk Won't get REKT? Or Maybe They Will.

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I feel like SNL with Elon has already been priced in before it happens. We see this often if not all the time in crypto. When a halving is coming up, talk of reduced rewards or burning of tokens the markets normally react to this with a rally before it actually takes place. Then when it does take place we almost always see a sell off. Buy on the news sell on the implementation?

I would also say pretty much EVERY cryptocurrency has whales where a main concentration of it is held within a few wallets. Take Hive for example, Bitcoin etc. It's because upon launch only a few people know about it and it takes a lot of marketing and news to get others involved. A truly decentralized token would award an equal share to EVERYONE and let them have at it from there. I don't believe that will ever happen though we will always have whales just because of the way things are.

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