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So it's a security because you just said we are buying and investing in this token to expect a dividend return / passive income.

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Well, yeah, unfortunately, it turns out to be like that as, at the moment, it's hard or even impossible for us to prove it otherwise better.
We are also aware that many projects and tokens on this blockchain, in the past years, came and vanished, because of which ours would be even more questionable.
With only something more than a month behind us and only one reward sent out (for August), it's hard to prove anything.
Therefore, we decided to take it slow and build trust gradually through time. It's also one of the reasons we are currently not running any promotional campaign.

However, if there are any doubts on the other side, might be better to skip, wait and see, or as we said in our first post,

For now, the best way to participate in this project is to approach it as a fun lottery and invest only the amounts you can afford to lose.