Revamp Plans For BitCoinFlood

10 days ago
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I build years ago when in fact back in 2013. Pretty crazy to think about it that I started mining and understanding bitcoin now 8 years ago! It seriously doesn't feel that long ago and it's why I hate looking back at stuff some times lol use to be a resource page for learning about crypto such as mining, staking, POW, POS etc. Including a faucet to bring in some traction.

However faucets these days are pretty worthless and right now the one of the site doesn't work.

First question:
Should I add a faucet or two back to the site? Would you all be interested in that? Note you will only earn fractions of a penny for each claim. However if bitcoin triples in value so does the bitcoin or another coins you claim. Again play the LONG GAME!

From there I'm going to build it more into training for sites like Hive and LeoFinance along with a few others.

Second question:
What other items should I add to the site? What would you like to see?

I don't want to blog on the platform as that seems counterproductive to what I do here on Hive and Leofinance now. That kicks that out of the way. The page I started on last week is just about done for the lead capture and training into LeoFinance.

P.S If any of you are currently on and want to help support each other and LEO/Hive as that's what I'll be posting there mostly feel free to follow me at - drop yours in the comments below if you are looking to do the same. Thanks!

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