The Daily LEO #87 Nasdaqs New Crypto Push, Cardano Upgrade and Roth IRAs

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Nasdaq Pushes Into Crypto With New Custodial Service

Nasdaq is launching a new digital asset business in a bid to advance institutional participation in the digital asset space. is initially launching custodial services for cryptocurrencies as part of its new business, called “Nasdaq Digital Assets.”...

Goldman Sachs going through massive transformation

Goldman Sachs is going through a big transformation under David Solomon, the bank's CEO since 2018, who famously moonlights as an electronic dance music DJ.

The investment banking powerhouse is trying to diversify its revenue. Here's a rundown...

Cardana (ADA) Vasil Upgrade

Finally, this means that we basically have no momentum and hype going towards the Vasil hard fork, as no clear run upwards has been taking place prior. This brings massive opportunities if the Vasil hard fork is going to take place in a positive manner, which is quite similar to the Ethereum merge. read more...

ROTH IRA The Ideal Long-term crypto investment?

As the cryptocurrency market matures, more governments throughout the world introduce legislation to tax proceeds from crypto-related activities, with traders often triggering taxable events that can lead to future complications. Avoiding paying taxes is illegal, but there are legal ways to dodge triggering taxable events while hodling onto one’s cryptocurrency holdings:find out how here...

ETH Merge | Best Practices for Exchanges/Wallets

Not your keys, not your crypto, and keeping tokens on an exchange is not advisable at all. The ETH merge took place the same day we recorded the LeoFinance AMA and in this clip from the podcast, we focus on how this might impact the entire Crypto industry. watch the clip

1 Million CUB Burn Approaches

$CUB, a native token of the CubFinance is one the key products that will help Leofinance users to access the wealth in cryptocurrency and is a crucial element in the achievement of the mission statement of leofinance. read more...

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