The Great Hive Pump (Splinterlands?)

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The Great Hive Pump (Splinterlands?)

Today we saw the price of hive (at the time of writing this) just shy from $2 each which is a massive increase in value for the blockchain. There are number of things going on in the platform right now and it's curious to see what one might be causing it.


At the start of 2022 we got news we would have a SPK airdrop from the ThreeSpeak network for everyone holding on to hive. This was however announced 2 months ago so that being the possible culprit is low. However I'm sure it does put a little demand on staking and holding that Hive as the power down of hive is LONG 13 total weeks or a little over 3 months. That's actually a huge commitment when you power up hive.

From the same person we have a possible game releasing that will airdrop something to all hive holders as well. This was a more recent development but I also don't expect that being what is causing it either.


My thoughts are Splinterlands pre-alpha packs and the leaderboard kind of puts that into the spotlight as well. Even though vouchers stopped dropping almost a week ago there are still many floating around. A total of 826,421 vouchers have been used out of 1 million which means almost 180,000 vouchers are still out there unclaimed with only 3 hours left to grab them up. The competition on the leaderboard is also heating up as these top numbers just a few days ago where sitting at 3,000 roughly. We are now seeing almost all accounts over 10k and some over 20k packs bought doing pre-alpha.


Take note of this because it's going to reinforce how fast I think the next vouchers are going to go and after that when they sell for $4 each I see them going even faster.

It will be interesting to follow hive over the course of the next 60 days as there's a lot of large cap projects releasing or set to release including more around Splinterlands. I suspect a lot of people that wanted vouchers most likely never heard of hive before and didn't have any so they bought into hive with other cryptos during this pre-alpha phase. I'm going to be honest with you I fell like hive owes a lot of it's growth from Splinterlands alone.

What are you thoughts on the Hive pump?

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