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We asked for it for years and got all excited about institutional investing. I've been against it as I see them simply taking over and holding a majority stake with the wealth they have accumulated. It's kind of a punch in the gut to all of crypto and what it was meant to represent in my opinion.

Needless to say it's still going to happen so let's dive into some coming soon "features" to crypto.



Facebook is working on a QR version of payment processors for crypto. Most likely this till be tapping into one of the stable coins again such as USDT. It will be similar to Venmo's QR codes. I guess when your grand plan of LIBRA fails you go to this?


The long awaited audit report is in! Ranking it a 93 out of 100. Check out the tweet and give it a like and share to show your support to LeoFinance and CubDeFi.com



Grayscale has recently added chainlink or (LINK) to it's portfolio. It also has filed with Delaware corporate registry in the US for a Ethereum based second layer blockchain. But more importantly Grayscale is looking into converting from a TRUST to a ETF.

Bitcoin Cash

Is it just me or does the only thing bitcoin cash have going for it is attacking everyone and trying to sue them in order to try and fund their crap coin the only option they have to hit headlines and get funds? Seems like it to me. Godaddy listed bitcoin.com as for sale and so our wonderful Mr. Ver lashes out and want's to sue them for spreading "fake news" lol come on my guy.

More Salary Options In BTC

NBA's Sacramento Kings basketball is offering players, coaches staff and backroom employees the option to receive their payments in BTC. I'll be honest with you I'd still take the FIAT and covert what I want of my paycheck into BTC or another coin. That's just a personal preference as I don't feel BTC is stable enough yet and has a very real possibility of doing a hard crash at some point.

Class Action NEXO

I'm honestly not a fan of these so called crypto dividend paying places. I don't believe in letting go of your keys and crypto in order to earn what really is a very small percent on your assets. I understand wanting to grow your assets but you need to be seriously aware you are giving a unregulated company your assets. In any case NEXO is now in a class action lawsuit for removing XRP as collateral without warning back in December.

If you enjoy these day break details let me know in the comments. Each day as I scour the web for news in crypto land I write them down and though it might be a cool idea to do a end of day snippet of things going on. Most of these don't need a full article in themselves so I wanted to test this out.


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