What's New With Hive 9/17 Goals

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Things are heating up around hive. With the major marketing plan currently underway by LeoFinance, an event in Vegas and Hivefest coming up on the 22nd in Mexico there's a lot of action happening in terms of trying to get the word out about Hive and get more people involved.

Splinterlands also released LAND on to the mavs test server which means if no major bugs are found then we should be seeing the release of land 1.5 by the end of September. (A week long on the test server for sure at least) However with anything development things normally always take a bit longer so I'm expecting more towards the start of October within the first two weeks.

I'm pumped about this as I'll most likely be having a large amount of lands active to hopefully generate some decent income from the game. In terms of land management, resource gathering etc that's always been more my thing when it comes to games. I loved playing games like civ or eve online.

That also means all of my cards are coming off the rental market which means this season we are going to give things a honest chance again for battles and rapid buying of more cards and DEC. I've been stacking these over the months and the piles rather large but with 142 total plots I could be in for some rather expensive times. However I do have a few land plots that are not in my main area that are epics and depending on price I might end up selling those. I'm talking $5,000+ per land plot that's epic but we need to watch the markets. To me land is going to mainly be a few plots at first focused on Legendary, Epic and maybe some rare land plots that are mainly used only at first.



Goal: 100,000 Current: 99,371 Needed Per Day: 5.93

In order for me to hit my goal by end of month I'd need about 45 hive a day which is doable so I'm still going to strive towards that and finish my goal 3 months early. Even with general APY on hive I'd be able to hit it by end of year so I'm saying this one is now complete.

We are also now starting to pick up on the hive stack again now that I've been back from vaca for a week. That delegation time out and then back in can really slow things down but if you're not going to be around enough for proper curation it comes in handy. This is one reason why I like large curation accounts however I feel like it should be more of a temp thing and not all the time. Like the max time to delegate would be two weeks before it no longer counts and you have to do your own curation again. Who knows just a random thought.

I should start seeing curation rewards bump back up here shortly and push more towards 10+ daily in curation which will help bump everything up in a big way.


Goal: 150,000 Current: 110,028 Without delegation. With Delegation 140,033

With delegation we are almost to our total reward we want and without we are also rather close to the goal. With delegation for sure we will hit the goal by end of year. However without it's either going to take the introduction of ad revenue buy back to get there or some major purchasing for myself.


Cub looks like it might be getting a revamp here soon so I'm going to start buy and stacking a little more of this again. I don't have an official goal for this one but at current prices I mean I could pretty much stack quickly. I'm very unsure if CUB will be able to offset all of the inflation it's had on the token over the months but it's a low risk very high reward possibility right now. For example sinking $1,000 into Cub would net me roughly 90,000 CUB and would greatly help in reducing my buy in amount. This one we will be watching for sure.


SPS is still a target of mine and that target is 1 million SPS. At these prices as well one could sink a bit of money into buying a ton of SPS however I'm making a decent amount already just from APR and land. With land 1.5 getting my SPS up and running is one of my first tasks to do as I believe it's going to have a rather large payout. That's mainly because instead of all land plots getting SPS rewards it would now focus down to just a small amount of plots that are occupied and being worked. In theory by maxing out my plots with occupied I should see substantial growth in this area in terms of SPS earned daily at least at first until more people brought their lands online. It's a gamble and a bet for sure but I think it's a good one to first sink my time into.

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