RE: Onboarding the Masses to Hive | The Thesis Driving Our New Threads-Centric UI

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wow .. really looking forward to the new UI. Hire some ex-Twitter employees .. I'm sure they are looking out for jobs =P

How would you tackle login / signups ? I normally login to twitter using my apple ID .. would that be enabled ? and would that perhaps create/bing my HIVE ID ?

I applaud your team from designing from scratch the new UI. I do hope that it would "not" be centric towards how much you can "earn" however instead ... "You MUST use this to gain exposure" . Of course its easier said then done ... I'm sure your team is already on it. One of the UI i truly liked previously on Steem was Partiko. Too bad they are no longer around .. main reason ? Its FREAKING fast and it just works ( when it was working ) Thats just my 2 cents.

Cheers all .. have a good weekend. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

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