My monthly splinterlands haul and staying bullish on Chaos Legion

There is on

The combination of fractional ownership and NFTs has me excited.

The clear step forward from the position the internet is in right now is through NFTs. Looking at all the different theories on how NFTs…

Paper gold predicament and bullish on physical gold anticipating the inevitable market crash

There is no stock on shelves. That phrase itself gives you an idea about the current state of the tradable price of gold at the moment.…

Oh, how easy is it to get to diamond!

Ah, the gold foil beta Mushroom Seer. What a card! What a beauty! The card of their dreams for many. I once had this card. This is a st

A million choices to make

If "money doesn't matter" was a lady in a red dress sitting on a bar, I wouldn't touch her with a 5 feet pole. But Carlos would buy her a…

NFTs will only rise because they are a part of your identity

What does this Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red have in common with NFts? I was lucky to receive a small

Downfall of the diamond.

Marlboro, Apple, Coca-cola, and diamonds. All of these things have one thing in common. It is the same commonality among them that has…

How I paid for my own medical degree myself with 0 loans. I am a self-made doctor.

No loans, no debt, no daddy's money. I started earning my own pocket money when I was 14. That was a long time ago. All the work was paid…

Earning back what I spent in the market in a single day!

At the current rate, I could keep buying a Goblin Firemage every day and still be on the green. When I made this purchase, Goblin Firemage…

Tell me with a straight face that you really think the true value of HIVE is ~$1.

In the last 9 months, HIVE has reached $1 at least once in 4 of said 9 months. As much as I love the consistent reaching, I hate the…

Added 5 new legendary cards and some horrible trade decisions.


Grabbing my Hive Punk and messing around with Ape Mining Club

Do I have to get spikes, wear all black, paint my nails, and hate the system? Or can I simply enjoy owning this beautiful Hive…

The lit plan vs. the gigachad plan.

Good neighborhood with a couple of low to mid-range businesses. Not too much cash flow but still a healthy amount. You are a local maybe…

Who is Paul Tudor Jones, and why his Bitcoin comments matter?

“I like bitcoin as a portfolio diversifier. Everybody asks me what should I do with my bitcoin? The only thing I know for certain, I want…

Elon confirms Tesla will allow Bitcoin transactions.

The massive movement in market prices after every tweet Elon made raised the unrealized obvious notion of speculation vs. investment.…

Trading vs. Investing

Since my twitter has now been completely turned into cryptotwitter, I often come across these terms such as "invest" and "trade". It is…

BINANCE suspends AED, but it still is extremely useful.

The night before I flew back home to the UAE I made sure AED pairs were functional on binance. Just a few weeks back I had seen the pairs…

Why is everything so much cheaper in Dubai?

It is true! The United Arab Emirates is the home to cheaper prices for almost anything you are looking to purchase. The first time I…

How I established a partnership deal with one of the biggest hotels of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

I successfully established a partnership today with one of the top hotels in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The idea was a rather…

Lessons from a collection of business ventures.

I still recall that day like it was yesterday. Midnight, streets flooding with falling snow, a shivering jaw, cold fingers, and my phone…