Ape Mining Club Statistic Update

Here's a quick update on Ape Mining Club statistics. 33,937 liquid APE is held by APE token holders. 84,265 STEM has been burned from…

Hive Punks market fee reduced to 5%

After some consideration, we have reduced market fees from 10% to 5%. 10% has been what we have seen other similar projects use and…

7,400 Hive 24 hr Trade Volume and new features announced

You can now see the total 24 hour trade volume on the Market History page. Just look at the Amount column header. In the last 24 hours…

Hive Punks - You asked for sorting, you get sorting and Market History!

How would you like to sort? Rarity? Recently Listed? How about Price? You can do it all now, you can even do it backwards! Find…

Hive Punks Data Insight

If you haven't heard, we released an update that shows Market History for the last 24 hours of Hive Punks. Now that all the Punks…

Sold my Punk for 5555 Hive

Such a blessing ![break.png](

Hive Punks Update

What a day! I want to appoligize for the issues today, I can't say sorry enough for the events today. I will take a moment to expain…

Insight into the Hive Punks distribution

Before we open the doors to Punks on Hive, I want to share some data on how the distribution will look like for Hive Punks. A lot of…

Punks have come to Hive!

The last few weeks I have been working on Punks on Hive for HiveFest. I am really excited to announce Punks On Hive to everyone.…