Contribute to the VeChain ecosystem and earn rewards!

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We all know the importance of the Cybersecurity in the modern world.....

that is why vechain as a company have taken cybersecurity so seriously and they believe that the security of their users' data should be the company's top priority....... therefore VeChain decided to actually launch what they termed as a " bug bounty program" to help them find vulnerabilities and pay rewards to those tech gurus who helped them out,each person can earn up to ten thousand dollars in rewards.......

read info about the bounty program here...


some of the bounty program includes..

1....Security Bug Bounty - VeChainThor Blockchain

what needs to be done under this particular program is to Explore vulnerabilities in the VeChainThor blockchain and get rewards of $10000.....

2.........Security Bug Bounty - VeChainThor Wallet

this has to do with an effective and Continuous improvement to secure the VeChainThor wallet.........get rewarded up to $3000....

if you have the expertise required then you can engage in the bounty program and earn good rewards..goodluck

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