+110,000 Sports Staked.

If the Nigerian naira is getting devalued each day, I guess the best way out is storing your money in either crypto or USDT. Perhaps if…

+133,000 Staked. 13 Million Sports Reached.

The Nigerian naira keeps on getting devalued, whoever is keeping his money in naira these days is harming his financial status and…

Staking 145,000 Sports. Higher Ground 🎯

Despite the dip happening here and there, some crypto tokens haven't digged the oil liquidate. Binance and many other crypto exchange went…

Staking +140,000 Sports & +1400 Lass.

Since most of my coins on Pancakeswap hasn't moon, the next available flight is to hodl, despite not having that much fiat on me and I…

Staking Up +140,000 SPORTSTALK.

A lot is happening to many coins and its not well at all on Pancakeswap. The recent hacking going on on innocent wallets who are trying to…

Safemoon The Next Coin to Rekt New Retail Investors

April 20 was meant to be 'Doge Day', but DOGE lost retail's attention when their favorite meme based token failed to rocket to $1,

How Did I Get Here & Why Am I Still Here.

There is no way I'm going to start telling my Hive story without starting it from Steemit. I was introduced to Steemit by @cryptoskate who…

How did you get here and why are you still here?

Do you remember how you found your way to Hive? Was it your first interaction with crypto? If not, what was? Why are you here…

+133,000 Sports Staked.

Judging with the whole scenario we are seeing in the crypto space, it's not good to FOMO, the Sports price has dumped badly in the last…

+140,000 Sports Staked, +2,000 Lass Staked. We Keep Moving.

The week has been really tough on me from every angle, I must say that very clearly, no boring moment, all work all over. I couldn't even…

+115,000 Sports Staked, +1400 Lass Staked.

It's that time of the week when I stake, I've seen the post of @uyobong where he talked about staking some days ago. Thank God I'm still…

Make A Review About The ChallengeEOS Version 7.0 App For 100% Upvote From The @ChallengeDAC Account With 80,000 Hive Power

Hey Hivers, Worried about how to earn free Crypto on the Hive ecosystem? Then worry no more cos @challengedac team is currently hosting…


This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . Funnel Overload I believe that one of the most…

+77,000 Sports Staked & +1,200 Lass Staked. I Think I'm Addicted To Staking Up..

Just yesterday I staked a total of 120,000 Sports to join in the race of staking more sports, first is to incentive and curate sports…

+120,000 Sports Staked. It Keeps Getting Better.

Yesterday was Hive Power Up Day , Hive users took to there blog to power up and showcases how much hive they are powering up, some…

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization.

Will You Keep Your Crypto Assets in a Wallet or on an Exchange? And why you would prefer to keep your asset in one over the other …

+120,000 Sports Staked To Reach 11m Sports. +1600 Lassecash Staked To Reach +33,000 Lass Staked. I'm Loving This. 💃😘💃

It is getting interesting by the day here. With the increase in price of sports token @ $0.0042 it's so tempting to sell my sports for…

AskLeo - What Makes Project Blank The "Game Changer"?

Looks like we're less than two weeks away from the launch of project blank and there's definitely a lot of hype and excitement around it.…

Miracle In Cell No-101690 (Sportstalk Tribe)

Trust me if I tell you there is power in good platform management as we have all seen on sportstalk. Do I need to remind you that there…

Invesmenting more into #Hive with 9603 HP!

Hey everyone on Leo & Hive blockchain. I think is a good time to make another investment in #Hive of 9603 HP. I did my first…