+320,000 Sports Staked. Keep Moving.

Cool things are happening here and there on Hive, especially the Hive Tribe. HE tokens aren't left out of this, there ability to give…

Tribes and engagement . Which tribe pays the most for engaging ? 4 Tribe comparison .

Good morning to everyone , I have been running engagement project for over a month now and I am happy with how it is going so far .…

Project LIOTES inspires my quick reach to 70 million SPORTS Stake

Hive is never short of creativity and innovations. The blockchain infrastructure allows any entrepreneur to build his dreams and take…

Hive Tribes Engagement Watch: A Preparation for ProjectBlank

Over the last few weeks since the announcement of the coming of #ProjectBlank which is expected to come live in two weeks time, it's been…

Miracle In Cell No-101690 (Sportstalk Tribe)

Trust me if I tell you there is power in good platform management as we have all seen on sportstalk. Do I need to remind you that there…

+125,000 Sports & +1100 Lass Staked. The Hard Journey To The Top.

To stake is the new oil, the new way of investing, it's very important to be cognizance of what is happening around you, if you really…

My Crypto Financial Goals For 2021.

In the course of one week, I've made three different post centred on my plan for 2021 , [my resolution and goals for the new year](

5 Million SPORTS Tokens! .:. and ALL staked!

At the beginning of this year, I have created a list of goals that I would like to achieve by the end of this year... In a nutshell, it…

+74,000 Sports Staked. Road To 10m Sports

I have promised myself that I'll get to the top, it takes discipline and tenacity, with a lot of tribes token starting up, I hope one day…

+38,000 Sports Staked. The Road To 10m Sports.

I've come to love staking by the day, no better way to keep growing in here than to stake if you've been following the trend about Sport…

+17,000 Sports, +2,500 Lassecash Staked. We Keep On Moving.

Staking like I said is a way of looking into the future and investing your money there, waiting for the day others will come and see it…

+38,000 Sports Staked. Day 2 - Sportspower Challenge.

The hunt to reach the top by all means is now imperative upon me, to either buy more sports and stake to earn more since my Sports power…

Still Expecting The Linear Curation Curve ?

Since the news of the linear curation curve on Sportstalk, I've been so expectant on when it's going to launch. As for me, I love…

Mari Kita Mendukung Sportsburn

Semakin banyak SPORTS diburn, semakin bagus untuk masa depan Sportstalksocial. Ada sebuah proyek yang dilakukan oleh @sportsburn. Dia akan…

Semakin Banyak SPORTS Di-Burn, Semakin Bagus

Untuk selanjutnya, saya akan konsisten memvote post dari @sportsburn. Karena semakin banyak Sports yang di-burn, akan semakin bagus untuk…

How much do you earn from Hive's second Layer Curation? #1

I've been so endeared to Hive's second layer since the installation of the Hive blockchain in March 2020. March marked my two years of…

My Joy & Regret With Sports Token.

The bleeding sports token then😢 ... ... ![Screenshot_20201021-040021.png](

LEO has modeled the Future of Hive Tokens: Get 12million SPORTS with just $100 Today

It's never an easy thing to be a leader in the ranks of your equals. The leofinance community and LEO token prices itself to be a leading…

Staking Up My Tokens - Sports, Palnet, Lassecash, Marlians & Upfundme.

So early this morning I decided am going to stake almost all my tokens. A good number of them aren't doing anything, just lying wait and…