+125,000 Sports & +1100 Lass Staked. The Hard Journey To The Top.

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To stake is the new oil, the new way of investing, it's very important to be cognizance of what is happening around you, if you really want to grow in here, when it comes to Hive tribes, there is no free way but to invest and keep on investing either by buying more to hodl and when staking is enable stake and keep on staking. It is through this you can become both an investor, staker and also get to encourage more writers and would-be investors like you.

I am staking because I'm seeing more than enough potential in sports at the moment,I just can't stop thinking how good it is seeing my investment over the years move up the ladder, it's a very far journey but it's worth it in every way. I am staking more and more each day and I'm enjoying the pain of not eating up the money 🤑💰.

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An additional +125,000 Sports was added to the pot today and I just can't wait the impart that is going to make on both myself and other sports content writers like me. With this I've reached 10.4m sports staked.

Also in the spirit of adding up more and more, I've got +112,00 Lassecash too

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I really want to know how @ctp works,there modus operandi and kind of post on there platfrom, I'm getting good upvote thanks to good content curators and creators I have as friend. I wish to keep staking everything I get from there but I'm yet to reach a consensus on that. Recently, I staked just +20 ctp to start with and I'm hoping it becomes something big along the line. If you have any info. I'll really appreciate it.

Let's see what next week brings.

Happy Staking

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