+17,000 Sports, +2,500 Lassecash Staked. We Keep On Moving.

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Staking like I said is a way of looking into the future and investing your money there, waiting for the day others will come and see it, eat from it and you'll be fine.

In the business of staking I've come to see myself as having a stake in cryptocurrency, I've also come to see that it's needed to be that good if I ever wanted to reach the top. Recahing the top tales discipline, discipline comes with consistency. Consistency is the building blocks of the future, the future is for this who can see it. I can see it, so I am staking and touching my tent here.

I am staking an additional +17,000 sports to my sports stake @botefarm.sports.


I am also staking an additional +2,500 Sports staked to my lassecash stake. Thanks to @lassehelers

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We shall keep on staking, till we reach the highest peak,earning at least $2 per day and we shall rest a little.

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