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Not only did I have pancakes for breakfast on Sunday, I also took some to put some more of my funds into Pancake Swap. The majority of my DeFi stuff takes place in Cub, but watching the price of CAKE go up, up, up, it was hard not to want to put a little bit of money into this platform.

I did the TLM/BNB pair a while ago, but honestly the multiplier was horrible (0.5x) and the APR wasn't that great either. This weekend I decided to pull that liquidity out and instead go in on the LMT/BNB pool. It gives a bit better ARP at 260% right now and the multiplier is at least 1x.

There are higher multipliers, but those farms also have a ton of liquidity, so I feel like I wouldn't be earning as much. I don't really understand all of this fully yet.

With the liquidity I pulled out and using some TLM that I switched over into BNB from Alien Worlds, I was able to put about 43 of the pair tokens into the LMT pool.

It still isn't earning me a ton of CAKE. Maybe only 1 every couple of days, but at least it is something. This whole BSC really has been a game changer for me. Being able to participate in DeFi without having to pay the huge fees that they have over on ETH is really nice!


At this point, I am very much open to tips about what I should be doing differently. That CAKE/BNB farm has a 40x multiplier, but the APR is only ~75%.

Listen to me, complaining about 75% APR being too low. I was just having a conversation with some friends over lunch the other day and they were talking about how the < 1% they are getting from their savings account is so horrible...

Have we really become that spoiled!

The 8x multiplier on the BUSD/BNB farm is also nice, but the APR is ~25%. At that point I feel it would be smarter to pair those tokens in Cub (which I am mainly doing). Sure, CUB is a fraction of the price of CAKE right now, but I have a feeling that will not be a forever thing.

Back to my friends... I am pretty sure I have them on the hook to finally invest in some crypto. Since they are relatively new, I will probably just stick with Coinbase and get them making some recurring buys.

Perhaps in the future they will be ready for some DeFi!

I am just going to finish this up by saying I am in love with CUB. Again, despite the lower price than we have seen "historically", it is awesome watching those new CUBS show up in my account every day. I think I am pulling in about 7 per day now and I move all of that into the pool (sorry @onealpha!).

I love that Alien Worlds and RPlanet have given me the means to dabble in DeFi with zero impact on my other investments/tokens.

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