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Despite all of the crazy stuff that was going on in the world, 2020 was not horrible financially for my wife and I.

Yes, we had a number of major expenses related to our home, but luckily insurance covered the majority of those expenses.

Despite taking a salary freeze to assist the school district we work for with their potential deficit budget we were still able to accomplish some goals in 2020. We paid off my wife's car and we also paid off our travel trailer. We continued to pay extra on our mortgage and didn't need to reduce the money going into our investments or HSA.

The year 2021 will bring a variety of financial goals our way.


The key focus (as is usually the case with me) will be to reduce our debt. In 2019 we were surprised by the unexpected need to purchase a new truck. My goal in 2021 will be to pay down a significant portion of the loan on that truck.

In addition to that, we have a home improvement loan we needed to take out last year that I would like to get taken care of.

Additionally, we will try to avoid taking on any new major debt in 2021. Things happen and that may not be easy to achieve, but that is the goal.


This past year we continued the regular payments to our 403B's, Roth IRA's, and other retirement savings. I plan to maintain those numbers in 2021. In addition to the monthly deposits, I also saw an increase of $5000 in my accounts due to end of year dividends and capital gains.


This is the area where I hope to see the biggest change in what I do through the year.

I plan on continuing to grow my Hive account. I would like to see my account hit 25K Hive power by the end of the year. I have a feeling I will probably meet that goal about halfway through the year, so I will re-evaluate at that point.

I currently have about 1700 invested in LBI and I would like to get that number to at least 2000 LBI.

A while ago I said that I wanted my LEO goal for next year to be 5000. That was before I realized just how hard it is to get LEO, but I am not going to change my outlook. I think I have around 1500 LEO right now and my goal is to have 5000 LEO staked by the end of 2021.

It is going to be hard, and I know I won't be able to do it through writing alone. It is going to take some alt coins popping and some hard work to get to that point, but that is my goal.

I have always had the goal of owning one full BTC. I am going to stick with that goal as well. As the price goes up, it will get harder and harder, but I would like to meet that goal some day.

I plan on holding a variety of other altcoins as well in hopes that they see some upside in the near future. EOS, WAX, BOID, SPORTS, are just a handful of the projects that I have a decent stake in. I know at least two of those tokens are severely undervalued. I know the other two are on the cusp of some big changes that might bring some increased value to the tokens.

My final goal, is more of an indirect link to crypto currency, but I plan on continuing to work with the EOS Detroit block producer to help them grow through what will potentially be an awesome bull year.

Now more than every the potential is there for them to become a major force in the blockchain world. I am so happy and blessed to be part of such an amazing group of people.

So there you go, those are my financial goals for 2021. The only thing I know for sure is to expect the unexpected.

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