RE: Should I buy EOS in 2021?

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I agree with this assessment. I think a lot of people hate on EOS, but it is mostly because they don't like Block One. If you take Block One out of the equation, it is still a decent, cheap, stable, fast chain. I really love the EOSIO system as a whole. It gave us WAX after all and WAX is just about the best next to Hive.

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Before I started looking into EOS for this guide, I actually never realised that WAX was an EOSIO chain.

You're right, as probably the premier chain for NFTs, WAX is a huge success story on its own.

I do wonder what will happen with though.

As they just have slow, apathetic leaders rather than an alien invasion like we had with Justin Sun, I question whether the community will actually stand up.

Can you see making a move to force their hand in the same way Ned selling Steemit Inc forced ours?

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I don't think so. They have already started the process of taking a step back from what I heard. I think they have zero interest in owning a chain. Too bad they also don't seem to have interest in developing on the chain.