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This morning I woke up and I did the same thing I usually do before I get out of bed. I reached over and grabbed my phone to see what I had missed over night. That is one of the things that is so crazy, if you sleep, you miss so much in the crypto space.

I know it is probably foolish, but I have started to get in the habit of checking Coin Gecko each morning first thing when I wake up. To say I was a little distraught this morning when I saw that the price of Hive had dropped back down into the $.60 range would be an understatement.

It isn't my intention to make light of those who suffer from PTSD, but part of me feels like that is exactly what is happening to some of us. After the three year bear market, when we see the prices start to fall like this I can't help but think "here we go again".

No doubt you seasoned individuals are laughing at me and thinking "this guy has no clue". You would probably be correct with that statement. This is my first real bull market. I didn't get involved with crypto until the end of 2017 and early 2018, so all of this is still very new to me.

I can see how it would be easy to start looking for that door. I'm not looking for that exit door, but I am just saying, I can see how emotional this whole thing can be.

I've read countless articles over the past couple of weeks that talk about how important it is to leave emotions out of it. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

It is a very emotional thing to see your account that you have poured countless hours into over the past three years finally top that five figure estimated account value. It is also very emotional to watch it drop back down closer to the previous levels.

How short of memories we have. It doesn't take that much to remember my account bouncing around the $2000 to $3000 range when the price of Hive was down near $.10.

I should really know better by now.

And yet, when I see that Hive price in red numbers I am immediately taken back to those old days feeling like it might all be for nothing.

Sorry for my random babbling. I hope you can find a nugget of something in there that speaks to you.

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