Any Options Tips?

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Brandon B.
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Alright you wonderful people... I'm asking for some help here. I have been getting my ass absolutely handed to me attempting options trading. I've had success with put-credit spreads, vertical call spreads, and the occasional itm/otm calls and puts on tickers such as F and GE, but when I try the same strategies on Dis/Nflx/AMZN/similar tickers, I get absolutely wrecked. Any tips? Anyone you guys follow? I have ordered a few books and am waiting on them to come in. I use optionsprofitcalculator.com and am pretty familiar with the Greeks; it could just be my entry/exit points?

I'm building a decent portfolio of stocks to just hold and my Roth 401k gave me an 18% ROI last year, I just suck at options.

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