BNB/BUSD the new Volatility King // We reached the 400$ Zone Today

11 days ago
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πŸ† The new king in trading area BNB

For some time I have noticed the enormous volatility in the BNB. The volatility can be seen everywhere in the chart and there are also many smaller signals. The 12H PG has now also broken out and with the push we reached the $400 mark.


How far the party can go probably depends on the PG on the weekly chart, because it gives additional power.


The breakout has now been confirmed on the weekly chart.


The high trading volume also allows trades on smaller time units. Those who also like short-term trades will find here a good alternative to the big brothers BTC and ETH.

Source: (Guidants/Godmode Trader) & JFD Broker & Binance

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