ETH Looking Strong

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Hi Friends,

Crypto has gotten a bump lately, but one coin that is catching my eye and looking particularly strong is Ethereum:


After the big run from the $100s per coin to over $4,000 per coin, the drop to $1,600 recently was fairly severe, but not out of line from what most coins did. However, the recent jump back up to $2,600 has been particularly encouraging to see. ETH has outpaced bitcoin as of late, and I, honestly, would rather have 16 ETH over 1 BTC if given the choice (the current rough equivalent). While I have both, I probably should be allocating a larger portion to ETH if that is how I really feel.

If you were putting in $40k today, which would you rather have - 16 ETH or 1 BTC?

Thanks for coming by,

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