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Part of my investing history includes trying to capitalize on teen trends before the rest of the world catches on to the benefits of those trends. A couple of things that come to mind include the Hunger Games movie series for LionsGate and the e-sports gaming craze.

So when I saw the headlines of a new Piper Sandler survey on teen spending, I was a reader. In skimming the report, the survey had a few standout things to me:

  • 56% had their top shopping site as Amazon - to me, Amazon is a good company and is finally profitable so I won't say this is a good investment, but this is old news so hard to capitalize on it.


  • 56% had their top Footwear Brand as NIke - I think this is stronger than I would have thought so I will need to re-analyze Nike a potential investment

  • 46% had Ulta as top Beauty Destination - This is a public company, but at first glance appears to be fairly priced so I am not sure about the potential upside. The top skincare product was CeraVe, which appears to be a Ulta product (maybe?) so perhaps there is more to the story here.

  • 32% had Netflix for Daily Video Consumption - this was a surprise to me, as I recently cut Netflix because I never used it. YouTube was at 31%, which seemed low to me so maybe there are shifts happening here, so maybe Netflix is the play over Alphabet/Google.

  • 31% had Snapchat as their Top Social Media Platform - I have never liked Snap's stock, but maybe it is time to take a look. I also thought Snap had limited potential when comparing advertising revenue potential against facebook/instagram, but maybe I am wrong on that.

Here is a link to the survey results:

Nothing else really caught my eye as far as a potential investment is concerned.

The survey did note that 9% of teens claim to have traded cryptocurrency, so there is certainly room for more adoption there, and they will soon be entering the workforce so knowing early may trigger more investments when there is actually substantial money to invest.

Interesting to me... what are your thoughts?

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