The End of the Beginning ... and the beginning of the end for Facebook & Google

Finally, 14 months after filing the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google, the first interlocutory hearing to establish prima…

Why Facebook and advertising supported content at huge scale is doomed by wokeness

TL;DR My thoughts: Self policing and relatively small communities are going to be the places we want to create and inhabit on the…

What is Value 4 Value v4vapp and Podcasting 2.0?

Value 4 Value and Podcasting 2.0 Instructional Posts - how to V4V https:

Another big guest interview in the Podcasting world: Podland

Another week another major Podcast appearance. I don't have a huge amount to write about thi

Hive Keychain Independent Audit Proposal

Everyone loves Hive Keychain, it is the only way to use many of the Hive Dapps and still feel safe. One thing that has always concerned…

My appearance on Podcasting 2.0 with Adam Curry and Dave Jones - Updated

So it finally happened, I had a long appearance on the the @podcastindex Podcasting 2.0 episode 57 Rebel Rubes You can listen on…

What's going on with V4VApp!

It's been too long! I'm sorry I haven't put out an update sooner, the last four weeks have been the main annual holiday season in Israel…

I didn't take Facebook down last night but .....

.... I took an important step towards making them pay for their attacks on the cryptocurrency industry this morning. Crypto Class Action…

Tweets by Nayib Bukele about the El Salvador Bitcoin Legal Tender Law

El Salvador Bitcoin Legal Tender Law Photograph of the signed law in Spanish Invitation to join the Spaces discussion The law…

How do we know crypto isn't a scam?

If you're here on Hive as a committed Hivean, you may know what Hive is, how it came to be and understand a little of what's going on when…

The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Back With Brian Of London

▶️ Watch on 3Speak He's back! And he's ready to change the podcasting space forever... @brianoflondon joined

Hive Today - September 12th, 2021 - Supply Down, Demand Up

Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today. Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for the decentralized Hive network. Hive is a blockchain-based…

One more hurdle before @v4vapp is funded + FREE SATS!

UPDATE : Thank you! The project is funded. Right now any streaming sats payments (excluding boosts) are being doubled and everything is…

ANYONE can Start Receiving Value 4 Value Streaming Sats for your PODCAST!

This guide is for ANYONE with a Podcast hosted just about anywhere. The only 2 requirements are that you have a Hive account and you…

Lightning and Hive: same same but different?

There's an "English" expression in common use here in Israel and I don't know if it came from Thailand or Israelis took it there first. I…

Podcasting 2.0 Value for Value: encourage your audience to try it!

I've been teasing this for a while but here goes... this is how you try out Podcasting 2.0, streaming sats and it's really easy if you're…

Listening to Podcasts while streaming sats with Value 4 Value

Do you want to listen to or watch video podcasts from your favorite Hive creators? If you're posting videos to @threespeak you can try…

V4Vapp progress and why Podcasts are the next censorship battleground

It's one week since I launched my funding request for the @v4vapp Podcasting 2.0 dapp I'm building . I've got about 40% of the votes I…

Proposal: and the start of a Decentralised Hive <-> Lightning Network Bridge for Podcasting 2.0

Support Proposal 188 on PeakD Support Proposal 188 with Hivesigner Advertising is censorship - Adam Curry, the Podfather If we…

Explaining Hive's system of Governance: the Anarcho-syndicalist commune.

I'm too busy to post. I'm working on my @v4vapp and @podping and linking Lightning to Hive. In the meantime this finally came to me…