Lightning Addresses for EVERYONE on Hive!

WORKING AGAIN! I think it's all back to normal.... whatever normal actually is.... Earlier today 2022-05-20: Coingeck's @coingecko…

Continuation: Hive to Value 4 Value - The Hive <> Bitcoin Lightning Bridge (part 3)

TL;DR - The Next Proposal Asking for 6 months funding at 285 per day Funding to start in June I'm working on Hive and V4Vapp…

What sort of Lightning Node do you need? - Part 4

Part 4 - Lightning Node Basics See the other parts here Conclusions upfront and @v4vapp news All of the learning below about nodes…

Lightning Node Basics

This is a collection of advice and information about running your own BTC Lightning Node compiled from what I've learned while setting up…

Answering some Lightning Node Questions and replying to comments - part 3

Part 3 - Lightning Node Basics In response to the first post in this series , I received the following reply on Reddit (why are BTC…

Maybe you won't get rich from routing, but here's why you STILL might want a Lightning Node - part 2

Part 2 - Lightning Node Basics See the other parts here I wrote a post a couple of days ago about why you most likely

Dear Amateur Lightning Node operators: you're not going to profit from routing - part 1

Part 1 - Lightning Node Basics Update 20th Apr I got some good feedback on this from Reddit so I will write a response soon. I'll…

Best BTC Lightning Wallet Apps to use with Hive

As part of my working on the @v4vapp Hive Lightning Bridge, the lnd.v4v.app service for swapping small amounts of Hive or HBD for…

What kind of business can afford to flush its best product away?

What is Twitter's business? Elon Musk asked "Is Twitter dying?" In light of their treatment of my account , I'd say they're…

Como usar Hive Lighting

▶️ Watch on 3Speak En este video les demues

Demo of the Hive to Lightning and back V4VApp Bridge by Brian of London

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is my presentation from the big SPK Network

Lightning Payments to Hive Accounts are now LIVE!!!

IT'S ALIVE!!!! The new option to send Lightning to Hive is now live. Click here: lnd.v4v.app search for a Hive account, verify the…

Lightning Keysend is strange and how to send Keysend Payment in Lightning with the LND REST API via Python

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Lightning to Hive and back again... the journey

It's been a few too many weeks since my last real update where I teased the imminent arrival of the Lightning to Hive service which…

Hive is better than Lightning for receiving Value 4 Value in Podcasting 2.0

Bitcoin Maxis and Lightning Lovers : your systems have their uses, but combined they are not suitable for widespread adoption by people…

Living on the edge!

Tales from the interface between Hive and the Bitcoin and Lighting maximalists My work on Podcasting 2.0 Value for V

In which I talked Hive with the Podfather Adam Curry again

On Friday evening I had my second appearance on the Podcasting 2.0 Podcast with Adam Curry and Dave Jones of @podcastindexorg. The main…

When I go quiet... it's 'cos I'm building stuff

I was going to pay someone to do all this but then the Canadian Truckers showed me Tallyco.in which @apshamilton wrote about last week…

How to donate to Canadian Freedom Truckers direct from your Hive account

In the aftermath of GoFundMe attempting to steal $9M from the Canadian Freedom Truckers, there is now a way to donate BTC to the movement…

Is Podping on Hive a new Internet Protocol?

TL;DR Podping on Hive represents the first way to send a short message to the entire world without relying on any single piece of…