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Hello Bro's, We are very proud to present to you the weekly Bro's newspaper. Every Sunday, we will share you the best updates you need to know, and also the hottest news from the tribes we are invested in. We will look at each one of them and what are they up to.

After reading the newspaper you will know all the information you need to know. You will know about everything what is going on in our Hive community!

So let´s get started with;


Bro Updates for this week

*We have our own NFT-artist in the house

@raymondspeaks already told you something about this. But the news is too exciting to not share more than once!

Our very own in-house NFT artist is @thisnewgirl.

So what does this mean? This means that everyone who enters the DRAGON status will get his / her own NFT.

But to get this honor, you have to have 1000 BRO. You already know that not everyone can own 1000 BRO. So yes, this is rare. This is an honor from the Mancave (BRO) to the holders of the BRO.

And later on other BRO, AND CINE holders will have the chance to get their own NFT too! How amazing is that?!

But this is not all the news from us. It seems that BRO´s will be BRO´s and they are there for the BRO´s. Not only do you get daily dividend shares when you hold BRO in your account, there is something more starting ...

We are going to start with a BRO Holdings related voting, dependent on the tags you use

For this feature you will need at least 50 BRO´s, and that would give you a 5% vote from Brofund and all other related accounts. But remember it´s dependant on the tags you use. The math behind this voting is not hard to understand. @taskmanager told me; (BRO balance / 10) available vote mana percentage = vote weight, if vote weight > 100, vote weight = 100(edited)

You see, even a blonde like me can understand this. LOL.

Let´s say you own 1000 BRO. That would make you eligible for a 100% vote from @brofund and @brofi as this account is trailing @brofund.

*Important to know: There is a limit of 1 vote per 24 hours, and anyone who tries to shitpost simply to drain will likely get blacklisted. The blacklist is currently empty but it has been added to the system!

Take this into account and don't try to abuse the generosity of this system. Just be happy with a nice upvote and enjoy it!



Then let's start to look at our tribes in where we as Bro's are invested in.


The frontend from Cine is still under development. But that does not mean that the community is not thriving. The Discord might be a little quiet, but the curation for the Cine related posts on the other hand works at full speed. What are your waiting for? Write up blogs about everything related to Cine. Which means every tv series you watch, and every movie you watch. With Cinetv this has all become interesting blog material! And don't forget to join in the biweekly contests and gather yourself some juicy Cine tokens.

In this biweekly contest you have a 10 day window to participate with the topic that is given to you by the cine-team. Keep an eye open for the post. The new contest will come up any time soon.

Follow @cinetv.curate to see the contest appear in your personal feed.


Good news for everyone who cares about Utopis. The last of the 3.5 Utopis tokens have been placed on the market. There are currently 72,700 Utopis in circulation. There are 10,000 on the market at 3.5 and 67,300 held by @chronocrypto, but remember there are only going to be 150,000 Utopis tokens ever. This will allow @chronocrypto to grow the account, and pay the holders of the UTOPIS token the sweet dividends.

and the dividends are sweet.

Don't you have Utopis yet? Then get your hands on a bunch of these tokens before they run out, and you can only hope that a holder will sell them to you when they sell out. The price will definitely not stay at 3.5 Hive if these last 10,000 tokens are sold out.

In short: @chronocrypto is working very hard to empower UTOPIS in every way he possibly can. Stacking tribe tokens, mining ETH, and working his but off with DoorDash to buy up all the cheap Hive he can get his hands on. And all these three things together are making the sweet divs you get if you hodl UTOPIS.

And he also will start with bringing in investments back from BSC network and other various project soon. It looks like the future for UTOPIS is bright, as @chronocrypto keeps on working to expand his base and grow the project. For the holders of this token, SIT BACK AND RELAX

Neoxian City

Neoxian City is still a good place to be. Even after the city has left Discord in the midst of censorship, and migrated to Element. Also on Element it is a very active working group that actively communicates with each other through their General Chatroom.

That's how I learned that @neoxian has started a Diesel Pool. If you want to get involved it can be found on Tribaldex. You can add liquidity here with your Hive and Neoxag. Or you can just use it to trade your Neoxag. Oh and there is a Workerbee pool too, contact @bala41288 for more info.

Something else what you really MUST know is that you can use the @neoxiancityvb bot for a nice upvote! This is of course not free, but it sure does give you an advantage! That makes it definitely worth buying Neoxag!

It is also a given fact that Sir @neoxian is very encouraging and generous towards his citizens. And especially those who are actively chatting and contribute value to the chat. On a regular basis you can win a 100% vote from him, but to win that, you have to be present in the chat, and contributing to the chat. Now I have to say, that is not a punishment because it is a nice active chat in a buzzing city!

If you want to find out all the latest news about Neoxian City, make sure you check out their own newspaper!


We all know the masterbrain behind the @spinvest project. @silverstackeruk is how we know him. And we all know that this masterbrain comes up with something new every now and then. It seems that this every now and then is around the corner again. To know exactly what is going to happen, we have to stay on top of it, but that @spinvest will launch a new token in about 3 or 4 weeks from now is a certainty!

What will it be? We have to wait a bit to find that out, but you can be sure that it will be worth it again. How do we know this? Well you only have to look at another project that came from this masterbrain. And then we talk about ...


And also in the LBI project we came across something what's about to happen. And this an interesting one for LBI holders to pay attention too! It's almost time to vote again! LBI holders need to vote again at the end of this month. The voting will be for the important question. Is LBI going to pay out dividends from now on, or is it going to be postponed for another 6 months?

An important question for LBI holders to think about for the next few weeks. What is it going to be? Keep an eye open for the @lbi-gov post with the call to vote for this if you want to have a say in it! Besides that, all holders know that the token value is growing, slow but steady!


CTP (click track profit), do you know what it is? This is the tribe for online businesses, online marketers and entrepreneurs! Besides that, they talk about everything HIVE related, everything what is going on in the Hive eco system. And not only talk. YOU can ask your questions too. Every thursday they have the CTPchat where they are looking for YOUR questions and comments all about Hive. You can ask your questions, make your comments.@jongolson and @taskmaster4450 will answer you in the CryptoManiacs Podcast.

If there is anything you want to know? Look out for the thursday CTPchat and ask those gentlemen everything you want to know. This is just one thing I mention, but of course there is more going on. We will do a deeper dive in one of the next editions from this Newspaper!


The Discord from WeedCash did not show much activity, and when I looked at the official account, I couldn´t find much updates either. We know that Weed is integrated in DCity for a long time now, but is there more? So I went on and visited weedcash.io. There it became more interesting, and I found that they have a store where you can spend your weed tokens. So if you ever wanted to buy CBD oil, you can do that with your weed tokens. There are lots of other products to be found in the store such as hoodies, water bottles, tumblers and even face shields. Go and have a look yourself if you are interested. It is a very nice usecase for your weed tokens.

side-note, not all products can be shipped outside the US and Canada

Then another interesting fact. The weed token also exists on the EOS chain. On newdex.io you can buy weed with your EOS.

DHedge & Archon

Two other tribes we have invested in. And for those two tribes goes that they are working behind the scenes. There are things going on, which will be announced later. I can't share any info about that yet! The drips are running smoothly. The Archon mining works again and no big things are changing right now. I will keep you updated and do a deeper dive in one of the next Bro Newspaper editions.


(*editors note @raymondspeaks: I know something HUGE is happening with Stem in the future. But I'm not allowed to say anything.)

No change in Stem right now. Please keep throwing your posts in there for awesome upvotes. The system here runs like a tight ship.

The Brofund Statistics

I'm sure you noticed it, but we have beautiful stats now. If you haven't noticed it yourself ... Here they are. This are the reports of last week because we didn't post any statistics this week. But that doesn't change a singe thing so I would suggest you go have a look, and don't forget to get impressed by the numbers and stats!

Payouts and Holdings Report 10/07/21 Stem and Lotus Stats Do you know what you get from Bro? Popular delegations to @brofi Payout analysis


But of course we have other things going on in our Hive!

So let's take a look at what is happening on our Blockchain.


The following message came via @keydefender in which Hivers are warned not to click on links that are sent via your wallet by the account nachomolina Pay attention to this and keep your account SAFU!


Do you want to win some Hive? Or a tribe token? I'm sure you can find a contest that suits you on our blockchain. But to help you a bit I did a little search for you. So here I present you a few of the running contests on our Blockchain. And if you ever have troubles with finding inspiration, I'm sure these contests can be a great help to get you going again!

Ladies of Hive Contest

The first contest I stumbled upon this is the weekly Contest for the Ladies of Hive. Yes I know, this is the Bro's Newspaper! We do have Ladies in the Bro Community too. And I'm sure that Bro's are welcome to participate in the contest too. Anyway, this is a weekly contest. Every week a post goes out from @ladiesofhive account with a couple of questions you can choose to write a blog about. The price you can win is 5 hive. If you want to know more about this contest follow the account and keep an eye on it. The contest runs weekly on Sundays. The latest contest can be found here.

EcoTrain Community Question of the Week

In this community they have a new question every week. These questions are usually subjects to make you think a bit deeper. To dive deeper in your own feelings and make you aware of yourself. Very interesting questions. I find it quite inspiring in fact. The latest question of the week can be found here. So check it out if you think this is interesting for you.

Natural Medicine Weekly Plant Power Cooking Challenge

Do you have a Vegan Lifestyle? Then this is the contest for you! A weekly challenge with for the most awesome plant powered recipes. The latest challenge post is live since yesterday, so that gives you enough time to participate. Read the rules in the post! Jump in your kitchen and cook that delicious Plant Powered meal. Don't forget to take some awesome photos and try to grab those sweet LOTUS and HIVE prices. But be aware, the competition is fierce!

Feathered Friends

If you are a nature lover, you will see many birds. If you're a photography lover too, you will try to snap those birds with your camera. And if you managed to get some decent photos of birds, you should check out this community as this is a community where it is all about the birds! Our Feathered Friends. They run a recurring contest where you can show your bird photos.

Please check out the latest contest for the rules if you're interested. And even if you don't want to participate but just enjoy beautiful photography with Feathered Friends in the spotlight. This is your community to keep an eye on.

Are you good in predicting crypto prices?

LBI has a weekly recurring contest. Every week they write about a crypto project and for the contest you try and predict the price for that crypto. You can win 5 LBI if you are good at predicting. Do you want to give it a try? Check out the latest one to find out when this one is ending and the new one will start.

If you know about another contest that I didn't mention here, feel free to share it in the comments and I will check it out when I start searching for the next edition!


Did you know that;

XABU is secretly a thing somewhere in the Hive community?
If you want to know more about what this is, and what it means. I strongly suggest to becoming a Neoxian citizen, and enjoy a lively chat, learn some secrets, unlock new mysteries, and make new friends along the way.

I am living a vegetarian lifestyle. (@hetty-rowan)

@trumpman knows a lot about alternative proteine sources for vegetarian / vegan lifestyle (editor @raymondspeaks: wow! This was a nice find hetty!)

@melbourneswest apes in many projects because he gets excited every time he hears something about a new project


News outside of HIVE

Of course we all spend a lot of time here on the HIVE blockchain, but there is something called "Life outside of the Blockchain" too. And also there are things happening.

Such as;

*Trump files lawsuit against Google, Twitter and Facebook

*The most famous crime reporter in the Netherlands, Peter R. De Vries, is shot in front of the RTL Boulevard building where he had been a guest in the program

The European Football Championship has kept many people busy and now it is known who will play the final. England are back in a major tournament final for the first time since 1966. They did win the last major final in 1966. Italy has been warned.

That´s it for this weeks Bro Newspaer. I hope you enjoyed it, and next week we´re going to up the game with our own contest! If you want to feature in our newspaper, please contact @hetty-rowan

Stay tuned!

If you want to chat about all the things going on. You can find us here in


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