Two New Announcements For The Cave

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I'm a little behind on these announcements so I'll get right to the point.

On today's agenda:

Brofund Hive Engine Witness & Brofi Updates.

We will start with the Brofund witness announcement.

A lot of people in the past have asked me to start up a witness node for hive engine. But knowing that I have little time to manage one, and it's almost 100% certain that at some point I would forget to pay the hive for the continued service of my server, I have been really reluctant to start one. I really didn't want the headache of yet another thing on my list to keep track of. As you probably know we are already pockets deep in most tribes and I have a hard job maintaining the day to day running of this as-is.

With that being said a long standing friend of mine for the second time tried to convince me to start up one seeing as we're involved in a lot of goings on down here. He offered to manage it for us, and to that I said a 100% yes. The idea being that he can take the technical load off me whilst I can go about making in roads with the networking and the greasing palms with people.

So we now have a hive engine witness. Vote for us here ->

If you're comfortable with that of course! But thank you in advance.

As hive engine becomes more decentralised and we move more towards tribe & project autonomy then I would like for us to be more involved in creating new apps & tools on the chain. Time will tell. Will be fun though!

Next on the agenda:

Brofi Updates

Thanks to the awesomeness of @Taskmanager you can now delegate any tribe token that possibly can be delegated into @brofi and earn BRO from it. That means every tribe coin is up for grabs. Even Sand, yes, even sand.

Please read below, though. It's important.

But, there's a catch -- before you delegate every coin you ever had into @brofi then you need to be aware of the voters pool. If you delegate in to a pool with zero BRO then you'll earn nothing. You can check what coins earn what by joining our discord here and checking out the pools in the #brofi channels and typing brofi pools.

You can raise or lower a pool if you own BRO by voting on which pool you would like to see higher in the queue. The higher the pool, then the more rewards it receives. So if you own no BRO but want to see your token rise higher in the chain then I would definitely suggest delegating some of the top coins to earn some BRO as a starter, and then using your earnings to vote on your new pool. You honestly only need to hold BRO to vote. You don't need to send it anywhere!

And that's it for now. Hive on people. Enjoy!

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