3 ways to generate income from 0.

So, let's address the Elephant in the room, if you have a computer or the phone and the internet connection, you can youse the platforms…

Do you think AI is really helping to fight the war against mis/disinformation? 🤔

I want to use both terms here: misinformation and disinformation . Let's just all first get on the same page: misinformation is…

Investors Beware.

So, apparently second Bitcoin Futures ETF has launched. The market reaction is clearly not the same as the first time around. My thinking…

100DaysOfBlockchain: #4 - Types of Blockchain

Going back to the theoretical side of things, I actually didn't know that there are different types of Blockchain out there. Did you know…

100DaysOfBlockchain: #3 - Where does Machine Learning come into play?

I am guessing that if you are on Hive platform, you probably know all the basics of Blockchain technology and therefore the previous two…

Infinite Amount of Dollars.

So, as my recent post was about the bull market which has since been confirmed I would like to slightly elaborate on what I think is…

100DaysOfBlockchain: #2 - How Transactions Work and Blockchain Features

In the previous blog post we discussed the importance of Blockchain in terms of transactions. ![100 Days of.png](

Nation states to buy Bitcoin?

So I guess we all know about El Salvador making Bitcoin a legal tender, which means, that people can buy and sell things and services…

The key to SUCCESS!

"How can you finish a project in just one day?", "How do people manage to do everything?" - Have you ever had these questions popping up…

100DaysOfBlockchain: #1 - The Challenge and Overview of Blockchain

Welcome to my 100 Days Of Blockchain Challenge 💥 I know I have repeated this over the past few posts but just in case you are new to my…
10 mo

TORUK was here

When things get boring When you do something again and again, 8 or 10 hours a day, day after day, week after week, after some time it…

My top projects for this bullrun

Hello dear readers, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, here I am going to briefly discuss which projects can be worthwhile investments…

Bullmarket Confirmed.

So, apparently, we are in a bull market, how do I know you may ask. Well, since most of the content that I follow is about finance and…

Holidays in paradise: ZAKYNTHOS 🇬🇷

​This past summer we decided to finally take holidays after 3 years. YES. 3 years. Crazy, huh? We have just recently moved from Denmark…

Will Machine Learning Engineers be extinct by 2030? 🤔

My face when I read that Machine Learning Engineers will be extinct in 10 years 😐 First of all, when did you get the idea that the…

AI for Everyone!

For me it is interesting when people tells me "AI is very difficult" or "I couldn't do what you do". Where does the idea that AI is some…

Filosofïa oculta de Los mártires (1842), de Fermín Toro (Quinto paso)

LA MUERTE MASÓNICA de Los mártires ES BUENA Con la muerte de la letra E (templanza) nace Eón (Principio del tiempo), origen de la visión…

How to be PREPARED to surf the wave in a post-Covid-19 world? 🌊

I find it very interesting to think how the world will transform after a situation like the one we are living right now, and I see very…

What the approved ETF spell for Bitcoin?

The market is seemingly euphoric, the conviction of reaching new ath is at its peak, the question is do people actually understand what…

Machine Learning C++ Tutorial: Logistic Regression (Part II)

Machine Learning can be done nowadays in almost any language. This is the second part of the series of building machine learning models…