Conviction is not Free

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It has been turbulent times recently, from 60k to 69k and back to almost 58k what is next?
Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time thinking, reading, and investing in Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.
Also, 2021 has been a year when some of my close friends and family got involved in crypto. This year I started to hang on Crypto Twitter a lot as well. So that has opened a new layer for me to interpret.
There are a lot of jokes around saying that BTC price has dropped to the levels not seen since 2 days ago or a week ago.
It might be funny for the ones that have been hardened like steel during the previous cycles, but I think not everyone has the same strength in holding.
But do people who hold longer deserve bigger remuneration?
I think this is an interesting question to explore because we all assume responsibility when we invest in things.
There is also a popular saying that everyone invests in Bitcoin at the price that they deserve.
I think we are still to find out what is the meaning of that phrase...signpostg6b943bf1d_1920.jpgImage

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