New Tech Threat to Government?

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Today I participated in the conference about decentralized solar panel parks, which has raised a lot of questions in my mind.

The presentation was organized by the market-leading company, which undoubtedly has a majority share of the market as of now, however, I was more interested in the technology itself, rather than the possibility of becoming one of their many

As all of us know, the government has a lot of ways to influence our lives, both hard and soft powers. For example taxation.

As of today, the world is leaning more heavily on electricity rather than any other energy forms and this tread seem to have a lot of room for growth with the technological advancements such as computers, smartphones and of course the electric cars, to be honest, new houses that are built in a very energetically efficient way also contribute to that.

As we are heading towards web 3.0 and the metaverse in the broad sense, it is fascinating to observe, how the foundation of infrastructure is transforming as well, this is part of the decentralization that we have on web, coming to the physical world.

Imagine the case where you own a house, that generates its own energy, has its own water resource, and possibly even the Internet, you basically cannot be governed, because nobody has leverage over you.

To me that sure sounds beautiful.

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