What goes down must....

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The Crypto world is full of paradoxes, in its inception, it has been seen by participants as a technological breakthrough, however, I think many projects had failed to deliver on their promises.
I am proud to say that I have been in the market since 2017, so I saw EOS going from 2$ to 22$ which always helps me when I feel doubtful about crypto.
However, as I mentioned before it is interesting that many of those seemingly solid projects did not stand the test of time.
What I am getting at here? I think it is possible to make money regardless of whether the project is solid or not, however, conviction to hold must be strong and how do you find it when your bags are full of dead-end project tokens?
Technology has advanced a lot since 2017 some projects managed to reinvent themselves others have disappeared, but what is interesting to notice, that during the latest bull run, the ancient projects showed some power.
Look at the names like already mentioned EOS or NEM or even Neo which used to be quite big in the early days.
So to summarize I encourage everyone to choose wisely and hodl strong as it seems whatever goes down must go up eventually...downge60a23b50_1920.png

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