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I was just scrolling through my hive blog feed when i came across a post by @bala41288 which state how he bought some luna in this madness, you can also read the post here...

It is totally crazy indeed but then he gave me a tiny bit of hope, when i say tiny, i mean like 0.1% ray of hope that luna can achieve the impossible, it doesn't look possible though, a coin took a dip from 100 dollars plus down to 0.0005, so so crazy and looks like the second time this will happen after the bitconnect drama...

i got this screenshot from my binance

Without wasting so much time, i decided to gamble 10 dollars, i transferred 10 dollars worth of hive to binance, converted it to usdt then to busd as all other pairs of luna has been delisted, i was able to get 134 467 luna worth... Do not get me wrong, i didn't see this as an investment, i call it a send off or gamble....

I won't have any regret if the money i put in turn to dust but what if luna decided to achieve the impossible and pamp to 20 dollars? then many people like me who wasted money buying this dip are set for life, but then it is just a dream, the chance of it being fulfilled is 0.0001 percent!

I am still working on my target for the rising star game, i made a post on it last month in which i said my goal is to get the millionaire card, i need to unlock level 50 and also have one million starbits on hive-engine... I am still trying to achieve the first goal which is the level 50 and guess which level i am now?


I am almost in level 40! which means i have ten more levels to go, will i be able to achieve this before the end of next week? hmm not sure but i will give it a try, once i unlock level 50, the next step would be buying a million starbits as that will take me forever to earn if i plan to just earn it from playing the game and i am not that patient, the investor vibes runs inside of me now lol...

I have been playing music lesson more and that boost my skills alot, i am more skills than fans now which is a good way to stop the ego bar from affecting the total number of starbits i earn, though right now i am more concerned about my level than starbits!

My next starbits post will be when i unlock level 50 and have one million starbits..

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