Money favors only those who understand its value

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Some people were born into riches while some have to forge their path towards the path of wealth but at the end, it doesn't matter how much you have right now because a man with money without wisdom of how and where to put it will only squander such money on frivolous things.

Money is a special subject because we all have a different relationship to it. Some are born with a lot, some are born with nothing. But this means very little because what will shape your financial future is not how much money you have right now – but how you feel about money; what you have been taught about how money works, and how to handle it altogether. In other words, what path in life to take in order to make it and how to spend it.

This quote was from robert kiyosaki a man who is vast in finance and business related stuff and this quote differentiate between the capitalist who put their money into investment to earn more and the fools who derive fun in using their money to buy liabilities that only takes more money from them in order to maintain it.. As the capitalist will grow in wealth while those involve in buying liabilities lose their wealth*

It saddens me that most youth of nowadays only care about what is in trend, they purchase things to impress others wasting a lot of money and not thinking of securing their future and later on they complain of being broke and will be forced to sell those liabilities they bought at a cheaper rate.

If you want to be successful in life, you must learn to sacrifice some of your cravings that will make you spend unnecesarily and focus more on building something that is worthwhile, stay away from debt, save for the right time and venture into business people demand from you

“A truly intelligent person welcomes new ideas, for new ideas can add to the synergy of other accumulated ideas.

This is something that occurs in the crypto world and it will never stop, some people never buy a coin when it just get launched or it is still low in price, they wait until the price spike before they buy in order to get some quick profit but then only those who bought in early make huge gains.... So once you see a project you believe in, dive in at the early stage not when everything becomes rosy.*


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