Hive reaches $1 after worldwide social media blackout, Coincidence?

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Hive reaches 1$!!! but why?

For those not up to date on the markets Hive has just reached and subsequently surpassed the $1 barrier in the last few hours, one of the community's most coveted targets has just been surpassed just like that, with an epic bull run and without much explanation in between, also HBD is starting to regain its base price influenced by the rise to the moon of HIVE. NFT games seem to be one of the reasons for this rapid growth but it's not entirely clear to me how it is that a near 75% return has been achieved at the time of making this post.


But what if there is an explanation other than the increasing growth and massification of NFT games like Splinterlands? Is there something else in the middle of it all?

Well if you have been keeping an eye on the news you may have noticed that a day ago there was a massive outage on social networks like Facebook and Instaran with both social networks having servers down for 7 consecutive hours, but that's not all, also both Whatsapp and Messenger as well as other social networks like Twitter were also experiencing glitches, this event produced a wave of debates about the use of centralized social networks and their importance in the day to day as work tools, but I also think that it has opened the possibility for decentralized networks like Hive to come to light and attract not only a good amount of users but also investors that already seem to be positioning themselves to invest in Hive in the long term.


It seems too much of a coincidence to me that just one day after this massive failure we are experiencing one of the best rises in recent memory this year, could it be possible that some big account has had their eye on Hive and promoted it? I have not found anything on Facebook or Twitter but this could be more than likely in an attempt to provide alternatives to traditional social networks, nothing is certain but it seems strange (for the better) this radical increase in the price of Hive.

At the time of making this post, Hive is in a historical rise for the currency, reaching in a little less than a few hours to 1$ and even surpassing it at times, HBD could be equally reaching 1$ if these movements persist (HBD could also overcome this barrier if we base on its previous behaviors) in the next hours a resistance could be perceived and the price could stabilize further down but I insist that this has been a unique event for the community, demonstrating the potential that the currency and the Blockchain has as an alternative not only for investors but also for users.

And you, why do you think Hive has had such a positive rise? leave me your opinion below and thanks for reading!

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