My Hive & Splinterlands Investment Dilemma

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This may sound like such a straightforward, easy to untangle kind of a mess. It is easy though when you just think about it alone. But when you have been active for a while on the Hive Blockchain, you'd understand where I am coming from.

Some time ago, when I hadn't explored so much into the Hive ecosystem, this dilemma wasn't really a thing. Because then, I didn't know that I could earn extra thing on the side by Powering Up my stash and manually curating posts. Neither did I know I could also delegate my coins to curating accounts and just chill and soak up profits. To put it aptly, I didn't know about the many investments and earning opportunities within the Hive ecosystem.

Little by little, I totally immersed myself into the ecosystem and now. it feels as though the more I learn, the more confused/conflicted I become (Information overload, I would say). And I am 100% sure there are lots of things I still do not know about and I know would further complicate my already complicated investment plans when I finally unravel them. Sweet!

Now, I am gonna be straight and honest with you here, the reason for my anxiety is the fear of missing out. Plain and simple. Sometimes I wish I could get a loan somewhere (my creditor has to be family though, I hate pressure) so I could utilize all the many investment opportunities on Hive, because, boy!


My life outside the internet kind of circles around family, gaming and football. Yeah, I am a football lover and so are almost everybody around me. I hardly go through a whole day without playing PES or arguing about football with the boys.

Now, imagine my excitement when I found out there was a sports-related front-end on Hive, where I could talk about football and bag some SPORTS coins, which I would say is currently at a good price for anyone willing to bag themselves some.

The SPORTS token and the RABONA game are two of the projects I am sure are going to give me that generational wealth I have always known I was gonna get from Crypto. I mean look at Splinterlands, those fellas who started playing away 3+ years ago never imagined they were gonna be blown away by the recent success of the game and the SPS they have been getting.

Although I haven't started playing the RABONA, I have written a few articles on the SPORTS front-end to cup myself some stash. But I know I am not doing nearly enough because there is so much I could write, there is so much to earn over there. Phew!!

Another project I would love to jump onto for both long and short-term gains is the @brofi BRO project. I have read so much good stuff about it and I hear they are currently rewarding holders daily with the SPS token?

I have mentioned three projects already and I haven't said anything about HIVE and LEO themselves, the heavyweights of the Hive Ecosystem. Just up till recently, I was liquifying all my Hive and Leo holdings and putting them into SPORTS but I have since stopped because I feel I should have some kind of foundation with HIVE at least. Being the official token of the ecosystem, I am sure it is not always gonna hang around the price at which it currently is, and the Splinterlands craze is proving that point.

Maybe I Am Spreading Myself Too Thin

You could be asking "so what the hell is stopping you". Well, I am a relatively new account on Hive and currently at a novice level in terms of knowledge I have taken in so far about how things really work around the ecosystem. That being the case, I am an account that is currently generating very little in terms of earnings (I haven't worked hard enough) and you know a brother is gotta eat too since I currently don't have any job outside the internet.

So, with the much I am generating from Hive and other platforms, I share amongst all my investment holdings. But I fear I might be spreading myself too thin with this strategy.

Trying To Make It Work

I have been working my socks off trying to raise my earnings and although it is working now, it is not a long-term strategy because I could break down trying to keep up. Just want to make the money, then make the money work for me later - a tedious but ultimately rewarding process.

This is where Splinterlands comes into the picture. With the price of DEC soaring to new levels every day, Splinterland hustle is proving to be a nice complement to my writing grind (or maybe it is the other way round).

I am currently battling away with two accounts and today I would add two more accounts to that for two friends who can't play but want me to run their accounts for a split profit of 50-50.

I spend most of my days battling away on Splinterlands but that's just half the entire hustle. I also share my thoughts and gaming experience on the Splintertalk front-end for some sweet SPT coins. More SPT, more SPS airdrop points. I love it here!

My daily inflow of Crypto is currently coming from Splinterlands in the form of DEC and I have been wondering what best to do with them. (one of my many dilemmas).

Leaving them there on the gaming platform gives you the SPS airdrop points but would that be the best strategy at getting the best from the current price of DEC? An acquaintance of mine on suggests I sell half of my DEC holding daily, so that, whichever way the price goes ultimately, I don't lose out.

That is a piece of sound advice and it felt like the best thing to do, then I stumbled upon which has given me an even better idea. I would just sell half of my DEC daily and move them into CUB (I think - scratching my head) Phew!!

I need that disclaimed financial advice.

Hey, what are you all doing with your DEC?

What projects do have the most significant stake on Hive?

I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad!! I need to put my money in the right places.

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You are way ahead of me man I am still figuring out the tokens, so investing parts is still a bit down the road for me but you I believe you did great by putting more into splinterlands that thing is turning into a sure shot profit machine.


Splinterlands certainly looks like one of the best ways to go. But its still early days


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