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Hello everyone, my name is Butterfly, I am new here on Leo/Hive and this is my very first post and since I would love to contribute to the best I could, I wanna use this post to pose some questions to the oldies here so as to enable me to understand the platform better and be the best I can be here.
I am not really a newbie in the crypto space, I mean I had been hunting for airdrops since 2017, earned and stashed some tokens over the years but I am kinda new to crypto-based blogging. Like 4 months 'new' and since I found out that it is one of the best ways right now to earn crypto, I have been really active and trying to spread my tentacles as far as they could go.
I started my crypto-blogging journey from, then to and then the mini-blog version of that which is, then I found out about Leo/Hive through a post on Because of how straightforward the other blogs are, I found it a little bit complicated here and I thought it would make sense to write an article and lay down all my questions and also introduce myself.

The aim of this post to help me understand the many terminologies used on the platform, learn the Dos and Donts and also act as FAQ article for other newbies. So here are my questions

  1. Can I post the same article on and
    I understand that Leo is under the Hive network and could sometimes come off as the same platform but how far can one take the cross-posting?

  2. Where do the earnings articles generate comes from?
    Over at and, the tips and article generate are gotten from the platform. What I mean is at, a rewarding bot reads your article and determines if it is worth tipping and how much it deserves, then the bot tips that particular article whatever it presumes such article deserves, and other users can tip you too from the tips they themselves got from the bot and other users. On, the platform gives you the opportunity to upvote articles with a certain amount of ETH/FARM/AML and also allows you to keep some for yourself. Just like, take this 10 cents, give this article some and keep some for yourself.

  3. What does it mean to curate and how can I do that here? I know what the dictionary meaning is, but I would love to know how to apply it here.

  4. What does it mean to Power Up and why is it important on

  5. What does powering down mean and what does it signify?

  6. What is Delegating, how do I do it?

  7. What is LP (Leo Power)

  8. What is Hive Power (HP)

  9. What is Hive Backed Dollar (HBD)

  10. Powering Up and Delegating what are the differences?

  11. How can I withdraw my Leo token from into fiat?

  12. How can I withdraw my Hive token from into fiat?

  13. Who is Spaminator and what would make it downvote articles?

These are some of the many questions I have and I am sure newbies would still encounter when they visit here. So I would appreciate answers to these questions and I am sure other newbies would appreciate answers to these questions too. I will add whatever I think I might have missed.

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