Toxic Community Rivalry & Gang Mentality Within The Crypto Sphere

I usually start articles like this with a disclaimer because I don't claim to be what I am not. So, if I were to start with a disclaimer…

Does earning capacity help you form an opinion about what a good crypto-blogging platform is?

Short Answer? While growing up, there was a song that made so much wave back then in my country, it is usually sung mockingly to…

transfer costs on major cryptos

I just posted a reply to @taskmaster4450 but i feel it maybe lost in the melee of replies he always gets but here is what i googled and…

Airdrop Blessings & Gas Fees Irritation

Last week, I got one of the biggest surprises of my Crypto life and it is all thanks to an Airdrop I participated in in 2018. I had been…