Toxic Community Rivalry & Gang Mentality Within The Crypto Sphere

I usually start articles like this with a disclaimer because I don't claim to be what I am not. So, if I were to start with a disclaimer…

Hive: A Decentralized Socio-Finance, Blogging Giant

Yesterday I took a tour around the Hive Ecosystem and I was completely blown away by all the discoveries I made. Now, when I say…

Scared Money Makes No Money: Crypto HODL Culture

DISCLAIMER: This is not a financial advice I am not a professional investment planner/consultant You can do with your crypto…

Caught Between Surviving & Accumulating My Earnings

A lot has been said about the many effects of the Covid lockdown of last year but the economic effect cannot be stressed enough. The…

The Crypto Age: What A Time To Be Alive

As of today, the 4th day of the month of May 2021, taking into account every single crypto asset I have to my name, my calculation is…

What Happens To Your Crypto Assets If...?

About an hour ago, I never thought I was going to write anything, talk less of this very sensitive topic. In fact, I was merely browsing…

Eagles and Vultures: Opportunities in Crypto for all

Eagles are magnificent creatures, one of the most glorious animal species in the world which are mostly associated with royalty, strength…

Does earning capacity help you form an opinion about what a good crypto-blogging platform is?

Short Answer? While growing up, there was a song that made so much wave back then in my country, it is usually sung mockingly to…

transfer costs on major cryptos

I just posted a reply to @taskmaster4450 but i feel it maybe lost in the melee of replies he always gets but here is what i googled and…

New on Leo & Hive - What I'd love to know

Hello everyone, my name is Butterfly, I am new here on Leo/Hive and this is my very first post and since I would love to contribute to the…