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Hi Everyone !
Today i'm so excited because i've been get my payouts reward from publish some articles about finance and mostly about crypto in @leofinance. Maybe it's not much but i'm gladly getting LEO token by sharing my knowledge and opinion in this community. So, today i wanna All in my earnings to Power Up my Leo Power.


That picture shows my Leo Power estimate 21 LP and my LEO is 39, so i want all in my earnings rewards to Power Up my Leo Power and total my LP will be 60 Leo Power. I know my journey just started so i must to keep spirit and always motivated in this awesome community because in this brilliant place i can develop my knowledge about crypto and finding articles that useful for me and many interesting article that i can learn from it. My mind always holding this quote πŸ‘‡πŸ»

This is not the end, This is just beginning!

My Next Target Planning

My plan for the next earnings allocation for buying LBI token to @lbi-token and stake them into my wallet to get passive income LEO token as rewards holding LBI, for now i just have 10 LBI in my wallet hopefully i can increase my LBI Token ASAP.


In the other side i want to collect my hive power earnings and delegating my power to @leo.voter so that i can get passive income to getting LEO token.

I want to say thankyou for all the members in this community who have helped me, read my articles, curate my article as a reward, help me to develop my knowledge about finance and crypto, give me advice to become quality blogger and I am very grateful to know you all in this great community.


My journey has just started to become a blogger, especially in crytpo finance blogger and there are many goals that I want to achieve in this great community. My first step is to collect my earnings to power up my Leo Power and Hive Power, then invest by buying LeoBacked Investment (@lbi-token), buying WLEO and delegating some of the Hive Power I have to @leo.voter. I learned many things in Leo Finance Community and I always learn to develop my potential and knowledge about crypto finance bloggers, getting a lot of useful information as my reference, I dedicate all this gratitude to all members in this community. I am very grateful to be a part of the Leo Finance community.

The Wise Man said Sharing is Caring
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