Bronze 2 Splinterlands Battles feat Djinn Chwaya / Tusk The Wide and the New OP Water Team

▶️ Watch on 3Speak What's up everyone and welcome to my 2nd video about Splinterlands! This time I'll b

The much awaited Finance X Gaming: LEO:ONEUP pool is LIVE!

Image Source from LeoFinance and Edited be Me One of the least known perks on hive, the diesel pools , a hidden gem among all the…

contest winners / Write your idea for the PGM token ! Win fabulous prizes! (ita/eng)

ENG Hello all friends, today after some time and with a little delay we are here to award the 2 best ideas. The first prize was 2…

Curation-Cartel: On route to be the biggest curator in Hive-Engine Tokens

With the current hype about the Hive Snapshot for Ragnarok and SPK network, there is also a lot of attention on the CARTEL project.…

Arbitrage opportunity: How I made 2.5% profits from my ONEUP in 2 minutes!

Hello everyone, everyone is hyped about the Hive snapshot and airdrop but I'm gonna approach a least known opportunity on the Hive…

About the PGM Token: How can we make it better

Source If you don't know abou

How I'm earning More than 50 ONEUP/Day passively

Luckily I've been engaging and posting in OneUp front end since it's early days and since I'm mostly posting about gaming, it became my…

Check out how you can get MORE than 12% APR on your HBD via Liquidity Pools on Hive and Cubfinance

Scrolling into Leofinance front end these last few days, many members were posting about the increase of HBD saving earnings from 10%…

SPS is Mispriced, and here's WHY

I believe that SPS is the greatest case of misprice in the Splinterlands universe right now. Tag along if you wanna know why. What is…

The 1UP-Cartel: A Meta-Guild For Blockchain Games & HIVE Community Gamification

HIVE - A Metaverse For The Metaverse HIVE is embracing its full potential of tokenized communities, blockchain gaming, di

LEO Liquidity Provider: LEO/HIVE for BXT VS BLEO/BNB for Cub (maybe a third option for 1UP?)

LEO is an amazing Token, and the Leofinance team is always on the lookout to make to project even bigger and better and the community is a…

Can Earth Deck overthrow Water Deck in this new Meta Part 2: The Synergy

This is the continuation of my last post (it took some time) and the focus this time will be on the less known/used monsters that can…

Can Earth Deck overthrow Water Deck in this new Meta with the Obsidian?

Chaos Legion release was really Chaotic is term of excitement and the rise and fall of many combinations! With Alric buff gone from…

Getting votes and what votes do I get? Plus - Tag use!

One of the top questions I have seen this week is 'what tags should I use?', and this question leads into a post I have been wanting to…

Look no more, Oneup-Curator is Live! / Airdrop for PGM Holders / OPG hinting on a new game ?

Last weekend was really exciting as a blockchain gaming fan and follower of the gaming hive community, despite the bloodbath that occurred…


Hello all friends, today for the first time we use the mascot of the PGM token, created by @japex1226, very good user, you find the post…

Saturday Cryptos Bloodbath: Focus on Acumulation / Daily Quest saves the day!

What a way to start the day, Cryptos are swimming in a bloodbath and I can see the panic among all crypto users either among hive…

Not time to upvote? Here's the different ways to let your Hive Power work for you!

Due to the recent increase in Hive price, there is an ignited interest in the Hive token! But some holding a respectable amount of Hive…

Am I sleeping on LeoFinance? Few infos I wished I've known sooner!

Lurking in and reading blogs posts on different front ends became a habit of mine since I joined the Hive ecossytem two months ago…

I started playing RISING STAR - Let's see how it goes... + NFT Giveaway!

Hello LeoFinance community!& RisingStar fans!Hope you'll all doing great on this Tuesday! I'm trying to post a bit more in more…