Bronze 2 Splinterlands Battles feat Djinn Chwaya / Tusk The Wide and the New OP Water Team

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What's up everyone and welcome to my 2nd video about Splinterlands!
This time I'll be showing you how I'm battling in Bronze II and relying on some decent cards instead of focusing on countering the enemy.
So let's get right into it!

1st Battle: The Queen of Low Mana

Since the release of Chaos Legion, Djinn Chwala has been one of my favourite cards:

  • Innate tankiness with enough health and Armor
  • Thorns is great
    Adding to that, Scavo Hireling that'll be repairing armor in each passing round.
    Got faced with another thorns monster, Cursed Windeku, but sealed the win thanks to having a lot of Armor (compared to no armor from Windeku) in addition to Scavo Repair!

2nd Battle: Tusk The Wide provides what fire was lacking

Fire composition biggest weakness is being too vulnerable to Magic damage but NOT anymore thanks to Tusk the Wide with its Void and Ton of Health!
adding to that 3 sneak + opportunist + +1 melee from Tarsa! The enemy backline is wiped out on the first round!
Unicorn can't do much against an army of Fire!

3rd battle: Use the melee mayhem to your advantage

Usually i'll go Thorns in this ruleset but decided to try Keyla, the water summoner and I provided All my melee monsters with:

  • Speed + Armor from Keylaa
  • Inspire +1 Melee from Demented Shark
    Despite being faced against a magic team, I've completely dominated the battle because of the correct use of ruleset at my advantage!

4th Battle: Heals and Ton of Armors

Honestly it was a testing build that went way better than expected: Putting Serpent of Eld with:

  • Heal from mermaid
  • Protect from Venari
  • Repair from Scavo
    Enemy must really be tilted when half of his attacks are absorbed by the Armor and I'll be using this comp a lot more in my future battles!

Before I end, I want to give a special Thanks to Clove for mentionning me in her blog post.

I hope you did enjoy the content. If you didn't join splinterlands yet fell free to use this [

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