Dropping Cerberus Node for EVMOS! Updates From A CosmosSDK Validator

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Hello everyone, we at carbonZERO wanted to update you on a few things we have going on! We want to be as transparent as possible with our delegators so that is why we are starting these update posts to let you know what is going on behind the scenes!

Since the market downturn, our numbers have really taken a hit. We are a small validator team so resources and money have been tight. It didn't help that we got started late in the cycle, but maybe that was for the best so we could go through this as an active validator. But, when prices plummet, some nodes have gone into the red and we are operating at a loss. Being that this is a business, we have to make decisions to protect our working capital and resources.

This has led us to make some decisions about some of the chains we are supporting. In the early days, as Infinity, we were looking to just get in the active set on any chain we could to get our business off the ground. This led to us choosing not one, but 2 meme coin chains, which both are doing incredibly horrible at the moment as far as market value. So some decisions had to be made. Since we have rebranded to carbonZERO and have taken on our eco-friendly mission, this has led us to really start trying to go for more of the higher end chains that are showing allot of promise and actual working use cases!

Dropping Cerberus for EVMOS

We wanted to use this update to inform everyone that on July 31, 2022, we are doing to disable our Cerberus $CRBRUS validator node to use the resources to try our hand at starting up an EVMOS validator node and start our mission of trying to make it into the active set! Based on this, you will want to move your delegation to another validator by that time. Our friends at Eco-Stake and Whispernode would love to have your delegation, both are amazing validators that have helped us get into the game and continue to provide a ton of value to the space as validators.

Unfortunately, Cerberus has shown no real promise or use case for their project outside of a community token. They are not even launching their own NFT markets, they are piggybacking on other chain's markets. The dev team has not been showing much progress on anything else, which has not helped the price of the token. This is a node that we have been running basically in the red since it's inception, so it's time we made the hard choice.

EVMOS is a project that already has projects being build and tied into to it as it is turning out to be the most promising bridge between the Cosmos and Ethereum worlds!

New Testnet Validator Nodes

Part of this move is so we can utilize the server resources for us to start running a testnet node for both EVMOS, as well as Cosmos Hub (ATOM). Being that our focus is to go after the better, stronger projects, it's a good idea first, especially as a smaller validator to get started on testnet nodes for these larger chains, so that is how we are approaching that idea.

We currently run a testnet node for Comdex, but are excited to expand to the other chains as well in an attempt to bring more support to these chains, and to help build our name as a validator that is willing to work hard and do what it takes, while keeping our integrity, to keep building in this space!

New Comdex Community on LeoFinance

We have lately been embracing another cryptocurrency ecosystem. Not in running validators, but just simply moving our post activity to an actual blockchain. We have been embracing the Hive blockchain and the Leofinance.io community that is built on top. LeoFinance aims to be the 'Seeking Alpha' of the blockchain where anyone who wants to talk or learn about investing, trading, blockchain, business, etc, can come and get involved and not only write and learn, but EARN!

Together with @jk6276 got the @leofinance team to create a community specifically geared around the Comdex blockchain! With Comdex having so many things coming down the pipe as far as development, we thought it was a great opportunity to 'merge' the two blockchain communities. Our partner, @thelogicaldude from @coinlogic.online, did a video about this as well!

This was a move that the team at Comdex loved and have gotten their eyes turned at the Hive blockchain to the point that they are encouraging other validators to come and post on Hive!

With this, and the new 'break-away' community pages that are available from the team at @threespeak and @dlux, we are going to be looking at creating communities pages specifically for the different IBC communities as an extra service aside from just validation. This is a great way the carbonZERO can provide more value to not just the Cosmos ecosystem, but bringing more education and information to the Hive blockchain and LeoFinance as well!

More Development, Less Hype

This is our new approach in choosing new chains to validate for. We will be looking much harder at the teams, and mission goals for the project to see if it is worth our time and resources to help secure. One great thing about the Cosmos ecosystem is that anyone can spin up their own layer 1 chains and tie into the IBC ecosystem, but from here on, they will need to have a purpose for existing if they want to get our support aside from just creating another DEX or NFT market! We need solid use cases in this space for it to grow and solid teams to help take us there. Basically it's time to put up or shut up!

As a validator, it is part of our job to also keep these teams accountable, and that is one thing we will be doing as well. We will begin to call out teams for overhyping projects and not coming with any true production. We are also in the camp of validators that really want to help clean up this space and call out scam teams, not only developers, but validators as well!

Marketing hype is not a valid point of value for us anymore. Chains need to put their code where their mouths are and get some solid working products out to market that are safe and secure for users and that will bring true value and use case to the ecosystem. This goes for validators as well. Yes, we are all competing, but simply holding giveaways is not a good way to build a solid delegator base and have people trust you. You need to provide value to the ecosystem aside from just running some software on a server and making silly posts on Twitter.

It is time the Cosmos space began to really mature and its community needs to see who is making strides to make it a better ecosystem for everyone! Our goal is to help continue to educate people about the amazing tech that is being built and the freedoms that it can provide! Not just for money, but for free speech, data ownership, etc. As the space matures, and UI gets easier for average people to use, we will be there at the forefront to help usher them into a new and free economy!

We Are carbonZERO

carbonZERO is a full service, eco-conscious validator node operator for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing infrastructure for several blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. We run top of the line bare metal servers, utilizing 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSDs, and 8-core / 16-thread CPUs. Our node architecture consists of frontline sentry nodes for ultimate security. Future plans for additional security & performance include implementing threshold signer nodes, as well as additional sentry and RPC nodes.

Stake your $CMDX, $ROWAN, $HUAHUA, $CRBRUS, and $NOM with carbonZERO using our Restake app! You can also visit the Staking page on Coin Logic and click the chain you want to delegate and it will take you directly to our delegation page!

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It is very good that you (and other validators) have a place to update people. Delegating (on other chains other than hive) always seems like a roll of the dice... having this as a platform really forces the space to grow and holds projects accountable... this is all very good.

It is also good to know a couple of other good validators in whispernode and eco-stake.


Well delegating your tokens on other chains is just all about knowing who you are delegating to and not just throwing it at the top validators just because they are at the top. We are actually in a group of validators that is working on a tool that can help investors know what validators are doing what and who is contributing to the ecosystem, etc.

We are also going to start posting more updates on our governance votes and such. Those are already viewable through Mintscan, but it's nice to actually talk about it in a post, keeping your people updated. And now, with putting that post on the blockchain, it gives us even more accountability!


This is a great step forward... it is hard to know where to go to find out which validator is worth throwing coins at... I know the CEX's are all near the top (and totally making out like bandits offering low APR's to the normies that know no better). A tool like that would help a lot because there isn't a blogging platform attached to most blockchains. It is great that you are posting on Hive... hopefully a lot of Hiver's will see the value in what is being built in the COSMOS and know which validators are good for the ecosystem.

I appreciate it.


Thanks for this update.

Wise move I think, Cerberus seems to be a dead end project, and EVMOS is a much higher quality place to invest your time and resources. What do you think your chances are of moving in to the active set? I've only got a little stash of EVMOS, but will definitely move some once you go active to support.

This was a move that the team at Comdex loved and have gotten their eyes turned at the Hive blockchain to the point that they are encouraging other validators to come and post on Hive!

This is exciting news, what do you think we need to do to help facilitate this process?

Really appreciate your updates being posted here on Leofinance.



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At this point, we are just going to try and lead by example. It's hard to get people to change what they know. We are wanting to also get more use out of @dbuzz for our direct Twitter posts, but lately we have been more focused on the long form, because we have been getting more engagement here than anywhere else honestly.

And now with the new 'break-away' front ends from DLUX and 3Speak, we are looking doing some cool things and integrating them into our carbonZERO domain. This would give us an edge that no other validator is looking at right now.

Who knows, maybe we can start building a following enough here as well to run a Hive witness at some point :).


That sounds like an awesome thing, to have the "break away" thing integrated into your website.

I see so many multiple tweet threads, and every time I think the author would be much better off just writing a long form post here, and then tweeting it out, than crafting all these multiple tweets.

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Great Post!


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