Now Validating For EVMOS and Introducing the carbonZERO DAO With The cZERO Token!

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Since it’s inception, carbonZERO has been on a mission to grow as an eco-friendly, carbon neutral Cosmos validator to help better the planet by using a portion of our commissions to plant trees and off set carbon emissions with our friends at Ecologi. We are wanting to grow as not only a Cosmos ecosystem validator, but as a complete blockchain based, ‘Saving the Earth’ driven ecosystem.

With the launch of our latest validator node on EVMOS, we are also proud to launch our carbonZERO DAO with the cZERO token! This DAO is built using DAODAO on JUNO, and it’s purpose is to help raise funds for a better planet through blockchain rewards!

We have always donated 10% of our commissions after expenses to Ecologi, but now, we are going to up that to 20% with our EVMOS node funds and send those funds to the DAO as well as an additional 10% bonus that will be paid to cZERO stakeholders via the carbonZERO Foundation multisig! This way we keep those funds separate. The DAO funds will be able to be used as the cZERO stakeholders see fit and can only be moved via a DAO proposal.

cZERO holders will also be able to submit proposals for charities say in their local area or any verifiable eco friendly charity that they want. For example: a local river fund, help save a local wild life habitat, or really anything dealing with nature. Users can pay the proposal creation fee which is set at 2500 cZERO tokens. So if you have a verifiable charity that you want the DAO funds to be donated to for the month, then cZERO token holders are welcome to submit their proposal to the community! If no proposals are listed before the 3rd week of the month, then a proposal will be made by the team to send all of the funds to Ecologi for that period. We will be actively searching out other opportunities to invest our DAO funds into saving the planet and educating others on how they can do the same!

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DAO Voting Information

Voting percentage to pass: 51%
Quorum needed to vote: 20%
Proposal Fee: 2500 $cZERO
Voting duration: 1 Week

Token and Initial Airdrop Information

100M Initial Token Supply.

2 Week Unstaking Period

Token supply sent to and managed by the carbonZERO Foundation multisig wallet in DAODAO and can be verified there.

Up to 1% of the token supply was allocated to the carbonZERO team to be able to initiate proposals the DAO and to use for giveaways and marketing purposes. A small amount has been staked to initiate governance. Beyond that, the team will have to earn cZERO tokens from airdrops just like everyone else! This creates a more decentralized DAO.

Tokens remaining after the initial EVMOS delegator airdrop will be held in the carbonZERO Foundation multisig until needed for the next node launch and airdrop. Once these token funds run out, a proposal can be created to mint more tokens or tokens can be bought back from the market.

Airdrop Information

Minimum of 50 EVMOS to qualify.

The Game Of Airdrops

Snap shot taken for the airdrop to be taken 1 month after our EVMOS validator node reaches the active set and is able to maintain. If we drop out of the active set, the snap shot clock resets! Airdrop will be scheduled 2 weeks after the initial snapshot date. A second snapshot is taken just before the airdrop and addresses that have removed their delegation in that time period are disqualified from receiving cZERO tokens.

If we do not get into the active set for EVMOS, we do not airdrop tokens!

cZERO will be listed on either JUNOSwap or the Frontier Osmosis exchange in the future, no specified date set for exchange listing. More information to come.

Airdrop Levels

Ratio is shown as cZERO:EVMOS for every EVMOS Staked. So to break it down, if you stake the minimum of 50 EVMOS tokens with carbonZERO, as we are able to get into the active set and stay there during the snapshot and airdrop, then you will receive 0.5 cZERO for every 1 EVMOS you have delegated to us. The ratio increases the higher up the levels you go.

Level 1 - 50+ = 0.5:1

Level 2- 250+ = 0.75:1

Level 3- 500+ = 1:1

Level 4- 1k = 1.5:1

Level 5- 2.5k = 2:1

Level 6- 5k = 3:1

Level 7- 10k = 4:1

Level 8- 25k+ = 5:1

Those who stake their EVMOS with carbonZERO will be able to set up auto-compounding on our Restake app! We are all set up and ready to go!

Please note that on the Restake app, while in the inactive set, you will have to select the dropdown that says "Active" and select "Inactive". Once we are in the active set, carbonZERO will show at the top of the list of validators on our Restake app!

Join us in our quest to help our planet through blockchain! Help us plant trees to offset carbon emissions, or stake your cZERO tokens and come and vote or submit your own proposals for a local eco friendly cause in your area!

We Are carbonZERO

carbonZERO is a full service, eco-conscious validator node operator for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing infrastructure for several blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. We run top of the line bare metal servers, utilizing 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSDs, and 8-core / 16-thread CPUs. Our node architecture consists of frontline sentry nodes for ultimate security. Future plans for additional security & performance include implementing threshold signer nodes, as well as additional sentry and RPC nodes.

Stake your $CMDX, $ROWAN, $HUAHUA, $CRBRUS, and $NOM with carbonZERO using our Restake app! You can also visit the Staking page on Coin Logic and click the chain you want to delegate and it will take you directly to our delegation page!

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on LeoFinance on Hive!


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I stake my evmos with metamasak on the evmos site; how do I get my evmos over to my keplr wallet so I can use your restake app?

This is cool. I'm currently staking with Chandra Station because they've been making a minecraft server for a while on Cosmos (I just hope that wasn't all a big scam).

8 mo (edited)

Honestly I am not sure how to go from Metamask to Keplr... I have gone the other way...

You can delegate to us using Metamask on Disperze, here is our direct link!


Okay... So... If you have never set up Keplr before. You will need to install the extension and what you will do is use the same 12 word seed phrase from your Metamask wallet and create a new keplr wallet using that seed phrase. Boom. Your EVMOS should show up on Keplr... I didn't realize it was that easy until I did it, lol. Like I said, I set it up the other way. This is going to be a new instructional post! Thanks, lol.


Great Post!



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Switched some stake over to you guys to support.

I hope you can get into the active set soon, that juicy APR is hard to let go of, even if it is only for a little while. (mi familia)

GL mate, hope the plans all come together for you.

Thanks for the update.

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I hear you there! LOL. We hope the $cZERO airdrop and upcoming pre drop giveaways can help, even though the giveaway thing is kinda looked down on right now, this is all to build a DAO for good causes, so maybe that helps, lol.


Without whale friends to give you a leg up, it takes some kind of gimmick to get attention in a competitive space. Look at how much delegation the Orbital Apes get, thanks to gimmicks and giveaways. Hard to compete with that.

Giveaways are a touchy subject in the Cosmos, but in this case I think the intentions are important, and the rewards are not just another useless NFT or something.

GL, hope @nulledgh0st isn't too disapproving. ;-)

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He gave us some reluctant love on Twitter, lol


Haha, targeted airdrops are difficult to support most of the time - this is one of the few exceptions I'll probably ever make, though, because of the nature of it <3


We we greatly appreciate you and Whispernode's support!


Yeah, as a "smaller"/newbie team, it's definitely difficult - you really need to make some deeper connections within the validator / bigger investor community to stand a chance on some networks (if you're not early to the party).

The best way as a small team is to target testnets, stay active in them / etc, and push hard to become a genesis validator (you usually can pick up some nice incentivization/delegations for doing so). This however, is still an investment of both time + resources, and does not guarantee that the token will even be worth anything. You could also be waiting months for anything to come of it (case in point, NOMIC).

As for the airdrop: this is actually one of the few that I DO support. It's a straight up DAO/community governance token, and isn't meant to be "valuable" to anyone that doesn't actually delegate/participate in the cZERO community.

So in this scenario, I think this is a good move - they're doubling their normal ecological contributions (10% -> 20%) + also giving their community a chance to have a say in WHERE that money is being donated each month. They're even rewarding their delegators for participating by giving them 10% commissions back.

I think it's a pretty unique way to use DAODAO, so I'm hoping that it plays out well for them.

At WhisperNode, we've decided we are going to help @carbonzerozone as much as we possibly can - we're going to be firing over roughly 9k in $EVMOS delegations within the next 24hrs or so. This should help propel them a LOT closer to the active set, so we really just need to see others become willing to take the leap - no one wants to lose daily yields on this RN, which is totally understandable, but if everyone took even a 10-50 $EVMOS leap on them, they'd easily fly past the floor and stay in a healthy position.

Wishing them all the best of luck!


Yay! 🤗
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Ya love to see it! Definitely about to move some funds to support this project. Awesome work.

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Thank you! We are supposed to be getting some private delegations that will hopefully get us close to the active set so every bit helps!