Hanging onto the safety net

At around this time last year, I was returning to full-time employment at my job after spending 4 months working at 60% under a 40%…

Concurso "Testimonio: un comentario que cambió tu vida" | | Contest "Testimony: a comment that changed your life"


Mi Cono Monetario Venezolano más valioso / My most valuable Venezuelan Monetary Cone

Buen día, les saluda el Drhueso. Good morning, the Drhueso greets you. Hoy quiero presentarles uno de mis conos monetarios favoritos…

Red Tapism Vs Ethics; Talking The Psychological & Financial Downsides

Source Red tapism is excessive to protocol, standards and rul

The Hive Engagement League 🏆

Welcome to the Hive Engagement League! Thank you to everyone who sponsors and supports the EL, you are awesome :) If you wish to be…

Hive Is Growing

There are many different ways to look at blockchains and how we value them. Many simply look at market cap believing that tells the…

Initiative - Create Content on the WallStreetBets Community

We have been working on a project to onboard the WallStreetBets community to HIVE. We have created this fronte

The Importance of Cryto/Blockchain Income for Venezuelans

With the current economic debacle Venezuela is facing, to talk about minimum wage is like talking about a theoretical construct. Venezuela…

Spend til implosion

The Australian economy has been getting pumped hard during Covid, with hundreds of billions pushed in from the government, with another…

What are you worth dead

I'm very much alive for now; Life is fickle and things happen though right? - People die, some very suddenly. A friend is facing that…

Reto "Cómo es Vivir en Hiperinflación" - Challenge ""What is it like to live in Hyperinflation"" [ESP/ENG]

Mi experiencia viviendo en una economía con Hiperinflación | My experience living in a hyperinflationary economy 📉💸 ¡Hola Hivers…

Power Up Hive

What makes Hive so unique is its remarkable token distribution. We are all over the world; every single culture you can imagine is on…

Hivers & Crypto Twitter - Are we doing it right? - ¿Lo estamos haciendo bien?

We have a great opportunity in our hands, I'm convinced about this, and I'm sure many of you are on the same page. We know the

Hive-Engine decentralization update! Upgrade successful, P2P testnet started

Ok, so, the hive-engine node update was last night rather than tonight. International time zones are tricky. Anyway, good news is that…

Investing into a good life

I don't know if I am greedy, or just a tight ass. Both? I think that a large part of my drive to increase resources is that I have spent…

The cost of entertainment

My wife and I often talk about finances; Keeping an eye on things, evaluating and generally staying informed seems like the right thing to…

#LEARNANDEARN Contest Week 02# || What Did You Learn This Week?

We have come to a close of the first contest and the second week begins, we had a nice entry last week from @justclickindiva who shared…

Leverage your posts with the correct tags

A great thing about the Hive blockchain is that you have a second layer infrastructure that allows you n

#CryptoFinance Initiative: How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?

Hey Hivers! Today we have a special initiative. I always talk about the importance of second layer applications. Right now one of the…

Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

Demystifying HIVE is a series of bite-sized posts targeted to new Hivians and for people outside of the HIVE blockchain. The purpose is…